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Welcome to aMSN user Manual

Table of Contents

  • Overview
  • Understanding Menus and Icons
  • Video/Voice Conversations
  • Adding Themes


Ok so you've installed aMSN now what? aMSN is accessed in various different ways depending on your system distro for example in Ubuntu its accessed via Applications>Internet>aMSN you should then see:

AMsn login window.png

This is the main login window for aMsn you can login using your Hotmail address or other email providing it has been setup correctly

After logging in you should see


To start chatting with a contact click on a contacts name and your good to go

Understanding the Menus and Icons

The Switch from windows can be made harder if you've been using Windows Live Messnger this section is designed to help you understand the different icons and menu layouts within aMSN

lets start by taking a look at aMSN's main window menu's


Most options you see are pretty self explanatory but here is a small description of what each item in the menu is

Sign out

Well this is pretty self explanatory clicking this item will log you out of your messenger account

Change Status

This option is used to tell you contacts if your:
  • Busy - Useful if your working on something
  • Away - Useful if you need to pop out for a while
  • Be Right Back - Not much explanation needed here
  • Out to Lunch - Not much explanation needed here
  • Idle - User has not type any messages for a period of time
  • Appear Offline - This is used so that users cant see you online making users think your not signed in
  • In a call - This can mean 2 things either your in a video or someone has called you on your cell/mobile

configure/add/remove Global Alarm

Options in this menu tell Amsn what to notify you about these options include:

  • notify when user comes online
  • notify when user goes offline
  • notify when user changes status
  • notify when user sends you a message
  • open event history

this option is used to display chat logs of conversations with users in your contact list

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