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tomhennigan is an 18yo student from London. He is an aMSN developer, and deals with everything Mac with aMSN.

He is currently doing a degree in MEng Computer Science at the University of Southampton.




Address Book

Integrates aMSN with the mac os x address book. Will be released formerly on the new version of my website.

In Development/In My Head


The media plugin will (hopefully) be an all encompasing replacement for the music plugin. Capable of supporting different media types, and making it really easy to add new media sources (players).


Enable OTR support for aMSN using the same protocol used by GAIM and Adium.


A replacement for the msn+ plugin. Enabling /actions in the chatwindow, and a quickly toggleable command window, so you can control aspects of aMSN using the keyboard. IE:

  • /chat will start a chat
  • /chat partofusername will lookup the most likely user for the part of the name that was supplied, and if the weight for a particular user is strong enough, it will use that user, else it will offer a list of possibilities.
  • /logout

Chat Window Commands:

  • /nudge
  • /otr (if plugin gets developed)
  • /clear (clears the chat window)
  • /block (toggles block status for contact)
  • /invite user/part
  • /webcam send/recieve/recv/s/r


  • Remove icon from cotactlist for music plugin, and change to a menu item.
  • Make it so you can display PSM, PSM - MUSIC, MUSIC.
  • Don't accept nudge when state is busy.
  • Package the farsight util for os x.
  • "Media Changed" notification for growl plugin (possibly called from music plugin...).
  • New chat window!
  • Address cpu munching when mouse moves in cl.
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