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Shib is a wiki editor... that means that he is someone who edits the wiki, with information, of value... to someone, hopefully.


My Todo List

If you really want to, feel free to add stuff here and I'll take a look at it

  • A decent HELP file for aMSN. The current one is useless... :)
  • Update the Quick Start Guide
  • Port this dev page to this wiki
  • Start moving all pages into categories.
  • For the FAQ/User Guide/Quick Start, make them version dependent. Then have the normal FAQ just redirect to FAQ_0.98 etc.
  • FAQ needs updating.. apparently it says that a user who deleted you is in red (or maybe it says pink)... in any case, the 'what colors mean in the CL' (or whatever the title is) might need updating...

Proposed Main Page

I might put this in after I get the categories done. I know there's errors in this (broken links etc). Don't worry about it.

Please Read THIS:

The wiki is a page that is built with the help of all developers and many volunteers. It can be edited "online". If you want to help us writing some documentation, subscribe to our amsn-devel mailing list, and ask for an account.

Of course, you can help the AMSN Project or get help in different ways. Take a look at HOW TO help and getting help:

Helping_aMSN How to help and getting help


Here you can find some amsn's forums and user communities:


If you are finding tasks to do, please take a look at aMSN Groups and Tasks first


If you add or modify a page which will need a translation, please leave a note here so we can keep track of the new translations needed. Thanks.


Documentation Guidelines - Read this before writing documentation

For Users

For aMSN developers

aMSN Internal Happenings

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