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Tcl TLS is an extension for TCL languange to support OpenSSL secure connections.

Usually TLS gets installed by aMSN itself on the very first attempt to login to the network, however rarely this may happen to fail, so here are the instructions to get TLS working. If you won't install TLS you won't be able to login.


This is usually a matter of firing up your package manager and type in something along the lines of "tcltls". On Debian-based systems (such as Ubuntu or Linspire) you should be able to do just a

 apt-get install tcltls

Still this may not work if you have installed Tcl/tk8.5 and you may need to symlink some files.

By default files are searched in /usr/lib,


if you installed tcl/tk8.5 you may want to symlink them to /usr/local/lib as in

 ln -s /usr/lib/tls1.50 /usr/local/lib/tls1.50

You can also download the package from SourceForge and unpack it. You may move it in the plugins subdir of amsn or ~/.amsn or to /usr/lib

If this is not working for you, see section Troubleshooting on this page


Q: I have installed TclTLS but it still complains about not finding it

A: Are you using Tcl/Tk8.5 ? See the instructions above about symlinking

Q: I have installed TclTLS but it still complains about the version

A: Please edit pkgIndex.tcl (in:/usr/lib/tls1.50/)so that this line

 package ifneeded tls 1.5

becomes like this

 package ifneeded tls 1.50

(just add the zero)

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