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The aMSN team take their own and your privacy very seriously. We adhere to the closed MSN protocol so you can chat to your friends using WLM. Please remember when using aMSN that secure instant messaging is not a feature that the MSN Protocol implements.

Your password is sent securely during the login phase, but messages sent via MSNP are sent and recieved in plain text.

Other efforts like OTR encryption (not currently supported by aMSN) for instant messaging, and using secure proxies are ways of making your conversations more secure, but remember there is no truly secure way to use MSN.

It is a good idea not to give out the following on MSN: (Note: This is not an exhaustive list, these are just suggestions, more common sense than anything..)

  • Credit Card Information
  • Usernames or passwords
  • Mothers maiden name (password hint)
  • Date of Birth (used to identify you)
  • Real address

This may seem paranoid, but it is possible to intercept messages sent using the MSN protocol, and some people are sad enough to build a profile of you using IM conversations. Then using social engineering techniques, they can trick companies into thinking that they are you.

aMSN Security Articles

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