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aMSN Desktop Icon

The application bundle on os x contains everything that is needed to run aMSN. We use a modified version of the Wish Shell, that is provided as part of the TclTk Aqua distribution. The Wish bundle can be built from the tcl/tk source when tk is built on OS X.

We make the following changes to the bundle:

  • Rename to
  • Rename Contents/MacOS/Wish to Contents/MacOS/aMSN.
  • Rename Contents/Resources/Wish.* to Contents/Resources/aMSN.*
  • Add amsn source files into Contents/Resources/Scripts/...
  • Edit Info.plist to look like this.
  • Add aMSN icon file from amsn/desktop-icons/ as a .icns file. (We must support up to 512x512 px for Mac OS X 10.5).

Editing the Bundle

Application bundles are just directories, but in Finder, they appear as applications. You can still explore the bundle, just find it, right click (ctrl-click) and choose the "Show Package Contents" option.

  • Skins and plugins are located in: Contents -> Resources -> Scripts -> plugins/skins.

User Content

Content for individual users is stored in Home -> Library -> Application Support -> amsn. This is equivalent to ~/.amsn/ on Linux.

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