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So you want the lastest aMSN but your apt-get mirrors are months behind? Here's how you can get the latest version out of the aMSN tarball. I will provide all steps via command line, but graphical tools can be substituted where possible, if you prefer.



Before you begin, you'll need these packages:

  apt-get build-dep amsn
  apt-get install fakeroot

Download the tarball

Go to and click on the "Tarball Source" option.

Extract the tarball

Open up a terminal program, and issue the following:

  cd ~/Desktop (or wherever you save your downloads to)
  tar -xjf amsn*
  cd amsn*

Configure and Compile the Debian package

  make deb

Install the Debian package

  mv  distrib/DEB/amsn* ~/Desktop
  cd ~/Desktop
  dpkg --install amsn*.deb


There you go, you now have the latest version of aMSN on your Debian based OS. The .deb package is now on your desktop, so if you want to save it for later, you can. This will also tie into your synaptic/aptitude, so uninstalling and upgrading will be handled through your current package management system.

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