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This page is a stub. It should be edited in order to be more user friendly

These instructions are a contribution from abe from the forums. You can read his original post at :

first of all close aMsn.

open `config.xml` (the 'old' box one), scroll down to line 700 (more or less)..

.. there you can find entries like this:


... copy them all... .. open the fresh installation `config.xml` and paste everything after the (newline after the) last `</entry>` tag (you should find it around line 700 again)...

of course you have to copy the entire `$path_to_config.xml/smileys` directory/folder from the old box to the new one.. .. and update the `<file>` field of every `<emoticon>` entry in the 'new' config.xml if $path_to_config.xml differs between the two installations...

.. so... if done properly it should work...

windows users can find `config.xml` somewhere similar to `C:\Documents and Settings\$windows_username\amsn\$email_address\`; vista users should look over `C:\Users\$windows_username\amsn\$email_address\`..

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