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  • set ::cam_mask_ip some_ip_address to force webcam to connect to this particular ip (set to and ssh tunneling to encrypt cam streams) as of r11901
  •  ::test_webcam_send_log ← set to the path of a .cam file from your logs and amsn will send that log data as if it was your own webcam being captured
  •  ::test_webcam_reflector ← do not connect to the other peer and force the use of the third party server (reflector)
  • Ctrl-Shift-space to enter boss mode.. then enter your password to unlock
  • Use a pipe ("|" character) as the first character in an autoaway message of a custom status in order to have amsn execute commands in the shell and print the results. Example :
 I am currently unavailable. Leave a message.
 It is now :
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