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How to help and getting help

Depending on where you want to help us, or what kind of help you need, you should choose one of the following methods:

Contact the developers and other aMSN users

Mailing lists

You can subscribe and send mail to any of the following lists. Click a list name to go to the subscription page. Mailing lists are better if you're in a hurry or need help quickly.

  • amsn-devel: List for developers or people wanting to contribute to amsn development (any kind of help, not only coding)
  • amsn-lang: Discussion and help about translations

You can keep in touch with all aMSN commits and changes with CIA, RSS compatible [1]

Bug trackers

You can post problems, suggestions or patches to our trackers. The post will be stored until it's reviewed by a developer. Please check first (use search function) if post for a similar problem or suggestion is already posted. In that case, you can give more info on the same post instead of creating a new one.


You can post your questions or suggestions in the RecordingGround aMSN's Forum. Mac OS X users, you have your own forum. Mac OS X forums For spanish users, you can check this: Comunidad de usuarios de AMSN

FAQ (Frequently Answered Questions)

Don't forget to take a look at the FAQ!

I want to be an AMSN developer!

So, you want to be a developer! Great! However, we can't accept anyone as developer, because it happened, a long time ago, that many people joined the AMSN team, got CVS access, and then never did something else. We finally got too many people we didn't know about with CVS access and no activity or commits. After doing a cleanup, we decided new deveopers shoud show their abilities before joining the AMSN team. So, here are the steps you'll have to acomplish to become an official AMSn developer, it's easy!

The best way to join the AMSN team is:

1) First of all, subscribe to our amsn-devel mailing list. You can do it here

2) There, keep in contact with other developers. Talk to them, read their messages. You'll find there are many things that need to be done in AMSN. It's a good point to start working.

3) When you code something, send a patch to the list (using diff). Developers will usually check that patch, and apply to CVS if it's right. Developers are busy people, so if they just ignore you, and you think your patch is important, please insist, but don't get angry.

4) When you become an active developer, you'll be asked to join the AMSN team, and you'll be given a CVS account so you can commit your patches yourself.

What are you waiting for? You're welcome!

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