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This page is intended to help us create a list of what "cool" gifts the amsn team could receive as a reward, once the 0.97 release of aMSN gets out. We have three categories, one for "big gifts" ideas, should be gifts which are rather... 'big', where the price is around the 200$US, see examples and add your own ideas. The medium sized gifts, should be something in between 50$US and 100$US, and the small gifts should be less than 20$, although 20$ is a bit too much maybe... Please write the price and a link if available next to each item you add.



The idea is to have ONE big gift chosen and offered randomly to one of the top developers, then FIVE (to confirm) to randomly offer to the top developers (one each of course), then small gifts for as many as we can afford...

Big gifts

UMPC/PDA (ultra mobile pc): Nokia N810, eeePc ... (N810 is 480$)

Nintendo Wii - 250$

 I can't seem to find it online, probably stock is out for a while... on, they say it's 250$ but sold out, but other sites, it's like 450$+ so it will have to wait

Sony PSP - 200$ -

19" LCD monitor - 200 to 250$ ?

Graphics/Sound Card - 150$+ ?

iPod Nano (Can be custom engraved so it would be personal like the t-shirts) - 150-250$ -

Network Switch - 200$?

Wireless Router/Bridge - 200$?

Sat Nav - 200$?

Medium sized gifts

webcam - 50$ ?

Bluetooth headset ~ 50 $ ?

1GB usb flash stick - ?

mp3 players - eg. iPod Shuffle - 79$ (Too much?? But again it could be engraved.) -

Small gifts

annoy-o-tron - 10$ -

t-shirts - 15$ - any kind, anywhere, from would be great... LOL @

custom t-shirt/hoodie - ?

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