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This is a list of items from the forums for developers to look at and fix. The patches are to be reviewed before being applied, and the platform specific issues are for the platform maintainers. The plugin issues should be forwarded to the maintainer of the plugin, or at least the maintainer should be notified if a patch is applied.


General Issues


100% CPU Bug With Webcam

Long messages with utf-8 close SB


Correctly urlencode nicknames

locale incorrectly set when launching external apps

bug on mouse hover

  can't use empty string as operand of "*"
      while executing
  "expr {[lindex [lindex $lines 0] 1] * -2 + 1}"
      (procedure "::guiContactList::underlineList" line 10)
      invoked from within
  "::guiContactList::underlineList {} crxxx@sad-amsn-user.com_offline"
      (command bound to event)
  Note : It happens when I hover my mouse cursor over an empty nick.

new CW tabs

Mac animated custom smileys and CW scrolling

Tray icon

Animated gif rendering issue

tls 1.6 test

view/show profile doesn't work anymore

No Connection Bug

Desktop Integration Quotes Bug

Emoticon in Chat Window != Emoticon Sent

Email Access Bug

Direct Connect FT

  • Bug : while having a direct connect FT, if the SB gets closed and we change our DP, WLM will send a request to fetch the DP on the direct socket, we fake aMSN into thiking it comes from the SB so we reply on the SB but it fails to send the message since the SB is closed. So we never answer it, WLM never gets our DP, and it keeps flooding us with RAK msnp2p messages (request ACK, since it never received our ack to their invite).

Bug Reporting Tool

Mobile IPG Messages

64bit Auto-Package Bugs

.tlsdown Window Bug

  • Bug : .tlsdown window bug ?

Dual Screen Bug

Contact Position Resolution Change Bug

Font with "-" Causes Problems (Invalid?)

Bad Focus When Sending Multiple FTs to users in mutiple SB sessions

Custom Smileys Not Shown in Multi User Chats

WLM Cancels FT Mid-Way Through

"Invalid Contact" When Re-adding a Deleted Contact

Fixed in r11168 ??

Suspend out of ram/disk

* Sending files will throw an error

* Resizing CW with multiple tabs will resize the writing textbox only for the current tab

* aMsn won't connect using direct connection

* Audio and webcam won't work on eeePC 701

* Webcam won't work in CW

* Misspelled files in a skin are making the skining not to work fine

* Bug with the button alignment of plugins

* Plugin WinSkin won't work properly

* Names in CW tabs are not aligned vertically centered

* aMsn and online status

* All plugins but mine are disabled

* Webcam won't work at all

* File transfer won't start

* File transfer errors

* Memory leak

* aMsn will crash because of ALSA/OSS ?

* gstreamer will crash tkvideo/dshow

=== * Nudge plugin won't work with msnp18

=== * aMsn can't connect using msnp15

=== * aMsn will flood with blocked/deleted contacts at login

* Webcam window will resize itself

* aMsn shows red cross on wrong people

* aMsn wont read webcam history files

* aMsn wont see skins that have backslash in its name

* Empty SOAP

* frameConfigure error

* aMsn wont save custon nick

* Bug in drag'n'drop in CL

* Crash caused by DP cache

* Unreachable host though connection is available

* Audio troubles in videocall

* Problems updating aMsn on Linpus and Acer Aspire

* aMsn will freeze forever because of user's profile

* Deleting and creating profiles problem

* Scrollbar problem

* Asyncresolver problems when no connection

* wish crash on exit

* Emoticons wont show

* All contacts connect when I login

* Closing CW with multiple tabs will crash amsn

* Emoticons wont draw correctly

* Tk-Cocoa

* Virtual machines, amsn and routers craziness

* DP will draw wrong with when using some .gif

* aMsn wont show some DP

* aMsn will use 100% CPU on webcam send/receive

* FT bug

* Multiple trayicons

* Exaile wont work with music plugin

* Winks plugin's path to unknown_wink.ext is hardcoded

* Nudge received while selecting a file to send

* High CPU usage because of CW

* Dual screen system will make some parts of amsn not show where they should

* Bug attaching a sound to an emoticon

* aMsn will fail to compile when using -march=native

* aMsn and multiple conversation bug

  • IRC LOG 20/02/2010, 19:09:54 GMT +1 Time Zone
  • aMsn will close a chatwindow with multiple contacts if there is only one contact left in the window, and the user won't be able to read what the other ones said.

* Video codecs detection

  • IRC LOG 22/02/2010, 21:44:16 GMT +1 Time Zone
  • Fix autodetection of missing video codecs and prevent users from starting a video call if codecs are missing.


Platform Differences For Skins

Integrate with server-side custom nicknames

Multi select contacts in privacy tab

Change date format separator

save files folder

Change Google Preview of Download Page

Local Time Zone for OIM Messages

  • Improvement : The timestamp received on an OIM should be checked for timezone differences and the time should be shown at local timezone

Add dpg-buildpackage Support

Various Visual Improvements

Log Inkdraw Messages

Toggle Bold for Friendly Names

Add (Mobile) For Mobile users

Improvement : As we show 'Web' for users online through web messenger, we should show 'Mobile' for users connected through a mobile messenger.

DPs Not Cached for non-profile

Clear Voiceclips Log

URL Encode Nickname to Avoid Truncation

* Trayicon for the checknewmail plugin

* .package installer will confuse novel (from new) users

* Some suggestions

* Option "ignore person" confuses users

  • The option "ignore person" (instead of blocking that person) is confusing the user. Also, the way that Tk draws the checkboxes confuses the user even more, and he can't actually differentiate between unchecked and checked, thinking that red means unchecked...

* VGA support in aMsn

* Nicknames and personal messages aren't up-to-date

* Improove the messages look

* Make traicon change on unreaded messages

* Cancel webcam invitation on tab close

* 640x480 webcam res

* Avatars in the left of the CW

* Save position in dual-screen configuration

* Colorbar properties

* login/logout history should have date

* Tool to create colored nicks


Check Web Messenger Compatability

Outgoing Cam Log

Login Screen DP Border

Webcam Source as TV Tuner (bttv)

Date in Events Log

Group Chat Top Section

Make Website Internationalizable

Save chat from CW into html

* Extend the statistics feature

* MSN to aMsn log converter

* AutoReplace plugin

* YouUp plugin like


Big Smileys Plugin

Say It Plugin

Skinning Options

DnD For Setting New Display Picture


* Autonick plugin

* CryptBasic plugin

* Google translator plugin

* FullScreen plugin

* DBusStateChanger plugin


* Sero black skin

To Do

Test OIMs with proxies

  • We need to test OIM's with proxies.

Check Mobile Contacts are Shown in Groups

Platform Specific Issues

Mac OS X

Fix Plugin/Skin Installer

  • Critical : Fix plugin/skin installer for mac to take a zip file and check for plugininfo.xml
  • tomhennigan: I added the amsn-extras package, and now skin/plugin files can be dropped on the aMSN icon, and they will be installed. No GUI yet though..

* Connection refused

* Preferences out of focus

=== * aMsn SVN wont work

* Possible crash at start up

* Status icon is unresponsive

* Music plugin and write perms

* Qucktime wont load

* Japanese character issue

* aMsn vs Parental control


Provide a patched snack2.2 ?

* aMsn won't minimize to tray


Win 7 support

Win Vista support

Tkvideo not always working

Win (al versions)


To Review

WLM Style XML Logs

  • Feature : logs in XML with compatibility with WLM's xml logs, or a converter
  • tomhennigan: I have checked the WLM format, and tested aMSN's logging API to see if a converter would be possible. A solution could be implemented, but it would be problematic, and incomplete as far as I can see.

Do some more analysis of the 927 error

Groups ?

Some skin suggestions

Webcam kissing screenshot

Verify msn server's certificate for ssl connections

* aMsn will send messages to random people

* "behind-firewall" checker


DP from default profile should not be saved

* and many others

  • the DP from the default profile shouldn't be kept for security reasons... if not deleted, at least reset back to default...

Fixed in r11558

  • now amsn.png is the new default, and we delete the displaypictures and cache when the default profile is used..

amsn and Panther


  • Critical: aMSN seems to just crash when run on Panther...

Seems to be fixed by the newest mac binaries...

Audio call


  • Refactor SIP client to correctly handle CSeqs and multiple callids.

Fixed in r11224

Email Mapping Bug


  • Bug : Add group will crash if you have a and in your CL because email is converted to window name by mapping "." into "_"

Fixed in r9087

  • Changed mapping of special chars in email such that collisions are impossible (uses hex value of the character between underscores).

Internationalise Ko/Kb in Log Window


  • Improvement : log window shows "Ko" instead of "KB" for file sizes...
  • Fixed in r9077
  • Added langkey bytesymbol to langen and langfr.
  • Replaced relevant insances of 'o' to [trans bytesymbol].

FT Crash When Client ID Empty


  • Bug : sending a file to a user who is appearing as offline makes amsn crash because clientid is empty
  • Fixed in r9079
  • Added empty check.
  • If empty FT passes (after further kkrt patch).

Detaching Chat Window


  • Critical Bug : Detaching chat window freezes aMSN (focus issue)
  • Fixed in r9082
  • setting the focus with an 'after idle' fixed it.

Smileys Appearing Cropped in Selector


  • Bug : Smileys may appear cropped in the smiley selector... ?
  • Fixed in r9084

Outgoing Emoticons Incorrectly Scaled

* -

  • Bug : The option "Do not scale down incoming emoticons" works the opposite way for outgoing emoticons
  • Fixed in r9083

Check For Local flashplayer with Winks Plugin

Improvement : Change winks plugin to check if a player exists in the winks folder if none is set.

  • GuessFlashplayer proc in Winks plugin already does this.

Retain Maximized State of Chat Windows


  • Improvement : Make aMSN remember the 'maximized' state of chat windows, not just their size.
  • Fixed in r9089

Fix for gateway without Proxy


  • Bug : When using the gateway *without* a proxy, then we should do a
  POST /gateway/gateway.dll?Action=open&Server=NS& HTTP/1.1 

instead of

  POST HTTP/1.1 

base64 Failure


  • Bug : base64 seems to fail for some people.. maybe a bad version or something.. needs to be checked
  • Fixed in r9141
  • put our utils dirs and stuff first by doing an 'lprepend auto_path' instead of 'lappend auto_path'

Spaces Unreachable-Host Bug

* Issue with Spaces: tk bug: host unreachable (Catch the SendSOAPReply or http::get in soap.tcl)

  • Fixed in r9148
  • catching the http::get

Flicker Chatwindow 5x to Fix TopUpdate


  • Improvement : We should flicker window on windows 5 times and make sure it stays flickered in TopUpdate.. since now we don't call TopUpdate periodically, there's no need to flicker infinitely.
  • Fixed in r9149

Bundle Winks Player


  • Improvement : Including the winks plugin with amsn by default means we should include a player with amsn for windows and macs ...
  • Fixed in r9150
  • mac was already done apparently
  • gnash is shipped in utils/windows
  • winks now checked for gnash in utils/windows too

Fix -d Nickname Exploit


  • Critical Bug : an exploit, if someone has a nickname starting with '-d', it will crash your amsn.. more info on the bug in the forum
  • Fixed in r9152
  • Added -displayof $window for all calls to [font metrics] in amsn's code

Cleanup fileevent/timer When Closing SB


  • Bug: Make sure we clear any fileevent/timer when destroying an SB
  • Fixed in r9154
  • it's weird, we check to make sure the object was not destroyed right before we call that line that crashes.. in any case, I catch it now and make sure the object is created otherwise return.

Display Picture Listing


  • Bug : scan the skin's displaypic directory THEN the default skin's displaypic directory and merge the two dirs.
  • Fixed in r9156
  • Any DP available in the default skin and not reproduced in another skin will appear in dp browser.
  • Any DP available in a new skin and not available in the default skin will appear in dp browser.
  • Any DP available in both the default and the current skin will be appear in the dp browser as the one from the other skin.

Review Auto-Connect Patch


  • Feature : Check the auto-connect patch and make sure it has no bugs, then apply it.
  • Fixed in r9157
  • Tested use cases and applied. No issues found so far.



  • Other : Update FAQ for how to use SCIM with amsn

Blocking Webcam Patch


  • Patch : Why do a select on a blocking webcam ? either make it non blocking or remove the useless select...
  • Patch reviewed and rejected because it does not wait forever for a frame and this method can cause issues with some use cases.

Solaris Compatibility


  • Improvement : Patch for solaris compatibility (webcam ported)
  • Fixed in r9164

Add Wiki Page for Importing Smileys


  • Wiki: Add info on how to import smileys for another account into some page in the wiki
  • Added to Import smileys

OIM Date Format


  • Bug : The date for showing the OIM received date should comply with the date format option.
  • Fixed in r9340

Command-Click in Privacy Tab


  • Bug : no command-click for privacy tab for mac users.
  • tomhennigan: It works fine for me. Ctrl-Click or right click with a 3btn mouse.
  • Fixed in r10387

Specific proxy server per account


  • Critical with patch : some MSN accounts need to use a specific proxy server instead of the normal
  • Fixed in r10649

Proxy Settings Bug


  • Bug : apparently amsn needs to be restarted when you change your proxy settings.. wtf?
  • Fixed in r10611

Custom Smileys Path Bug


  • Bug : custom smileys path in the xml should not have '~/'
  • Fixed by Baaazen



  • Bug : ::MSN::SBXX as user email/chat log. Makes opening chat history crash.
  • Fixed by KaKaRoTo

Chat Window Tab Bar Arrows Resize Bug


  • Bug : You have a window with more tabs than its width, so you have the left and right arrows. When you maximize it, the arrows wont make way for the rest of the tabs
  • Fixed in r10651

DP Resizing Issue


  • Bug : DP resizes to 'normal' when a user joins conversation
  • Fixed in r10652

Webcam is Not Shown in "new" Assistant


  • Bug: Some webcam seems to work with the old wizard but not with the new assistant.
  • Fixed in r10644

Colored Nicks 'Background Color' Tags


  • Plugin : colorednicks should remove color tags for 'background color'.

SVN Screenshots


Chat Window Size (0x0)


  • Bug : Chat window can randomly get a size of 0x0 for no reason on windows.

Fixed in r11126

Notify Unverified Users


  • Improvement : find how WLM knows your email is 'unverified' and let the user know he can't change his nick until it gets verified.

Fixed in r11129

* Custon nickname for a contact in CW wont work


Done in r11910 by billiob

* Nudge sound won't change


  • Bug: Nudge plugin won't read the nudge.wav from a custom skin. It will always read it from the default one.

Done in r11928 by alexandernst

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