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Hello all developers,

I am glad to share my efforts to get Amsn working on enhanced Tcl/Tk with i18n/Xft patches. The effect is pretty well, and I package it as a simple shell script. Here are my instructions:

1. create a new directory

 # mkdir tmp
 # cd tmp

2. fetch shell script

 # wget

3. for convenience, I suggest to be root to execute script

 # sudo su
 # sh

4. patch aMSN to adapt /opt/bin/wish8.3

 # wget
 # cd amsn-0.91
 # patch -p1 < ../amsn-0.91-fix-path.diff

5. Launch aMSN

 # ./amsn

If you prefer Traditional Chinese as your language, I recommend to install ukai/uming Unicode font contributed by Arne, and change the settings in aMSN to adapt ukai/uming font.

Now, let's see how it look like:

screenshot1 screenshot2

I do hope my efforts will be useful to you, and feel free to redistribute this note to others needing more improvement on i18n and Xft support.

cheers, Jim Huang <jserv AT>

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