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Tcl/Tk Theories

List & Substitution Theory

In Tcl everything is eventually a list. Everything.

A common error with lists is this:

set file "/home/tom/My Pictures/Some Picture.jpg"
button .b -command "open $file"

Then clicking on the button will throw an error. This is because when the command argument is evaluated (before "button .b ..." is called), it is returned like this:

button .b -command {open {/home/tom/My} {Pictures/Some} {Picture.jpg}}

So each space in our path is interpreted as a new argument to open. Yay!

Trying to run:

button .b -command {open $file}

Will also fail, because variables between {} will not be substituted (ie. the open command will try to open a file on disk literally called $file):

The correct way to do this is therefore:

button .b -command [list open $file]

Which will be evaluated to:

button .b -command {open {/home/tom/My Pictures/Some Picture.jpg}}

Magic Keywords


args is a "magic keyword" for procs in Tcl. You can use it to concatenate all trailing arguments to a proc into a single list. Consider this example where you would expect the same result:

proc foo { args } {
   puts ${args}
proc bar { data } {
   puts ${data}

foo hello world
bar hello world

Evaluates to:

hello world
wrong # args: should be "bar data"
    while executing
"bar hello world"
    (file "test.tcl" line 9)

A more "real-world" example using args:

# A drop-in replacement for exec that catches errors.
rename exec exec_tcl

proc exec { args } {
	set exec_str [list exec_tcl]
	foreach arg ${args} {
		lappend exec_str ${arg}
	if {[ catch ${exec_str} result ]} {
		return "EXEC_ERROR: ${result}"
	} else {
		return ${result}

puts [exec uname -n] ;# Executes correctly.
puts [exec uname -X] ;# Throws Error

Command Theory

In the end everything is interpreted as a command. Even built-in statements, like if or for are Tcl commands.

Therefore running this will work:

set cmd [list if [list 5 > 4] [list puts [list Yes 5 is bigger than 4]]]
eval $cmd

$cmd evaluates to:

if {5 > 4} {puts {Yes 5 is bigger than 4}}

Some Useful Links

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Links Regarding These Theories

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