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aMSN Release Guide

  • Create a new branch for the release
  • svn copy amsn from trunk to branch directory
  • Update credits in README, in case someone is missing (in branch)
  • Update Changelog/TODO file (and maybe Wiki too) (in branch)
  • Update $version, $date, $rcversion variables at the beginning of "amsn" file. (in branch)
  • Update VERSION in aMSN.nsi script
  • Inside, update APPSTABLE from no to yes and change versiion. (in branch)
  • Edit autopackage version
  • Run ./ (in branch)
  • Make sure the binaries for TkCximage and Webcamsn, etc.., for Windows (DLL) and Mac OS X (.dylib) are updated (in branch)
  • Commit all changes to the branch
  • Make sure language maintainers had a one week notice to translate everyhing and tell them the official deadline.
  • Make sure all pending languages are processed.
  • Create a tag directory for the version
  • svn copy amsn from branch to tag directory
  • run svn2cl to generate ChangeLog file
  • Modify tag name/path in utils/
  • Run ./utils/
  • Test everything runs fine
  • Ask packagers to create amsn packages:
  • Upload src files to
  • Make those new files the default ones for each OS
  • Edit download links in our web page to update download links, and add a piece of news.
  • Edit "amsn_latest" file in htdocs/ to update version for automatic version checking feature
  • Update plugins in AdminPlugins
  • Add some news to SF news, freshmeat, slashdot, The Times...
  • Update information on wikipedia
  • Update bot factoids
  • Update topic on irc channel

Official packages

Mac OS X package

Youness Alaoui (KaKaRoTo)

Autopackage i386


Autopackage x64

Windows installer, by NSIS:


Unofficial packages

Gentoo Ebuild

Boris Faure

Fedora Core Package

Sander Hoentjen

Debian package

Official Debian Sid packager: Søren Boll Overgaard <bilbo at>
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