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Desktop Summit 2009 is an open source conference taking place in Gran Canaria (In the Canary Islands) from the 3rd to 11th of July 2009. You can view more information about it in here :

The purpose of this page is because DesktopSummit 2009 might become a meeting place for the aMSN team. Some of us will be attending the conference and others might decide to join in order to meet up with the rest of the team. We will try to summarize in this page who will attend, when, and any other details on accomodations, activities, etc...



Here's the current list of people joining us. You can add your name and details if you think you can be part of this meeting.

Name Will Attend DesktopSummit2009 Arrival Return Need Accomodation Need for funding T-shirt size Has Arrived
kakaroto Yes ? ? Yes No XL No
billiob Yes 4/07/09 12/07/09 Yes Yes L No
tomhennigan NO :( ? ? N/A N/A S No
bluetit Want to, can't afford it ? ? Yes N/A S No


To be determined. Possible locations: [1]


To be determined

Hoodies... ???


We could register to have a lightning talk about aMSN, but we would need to have someone volunteer to do it, and not talk for more than 5 minutes, and more importantly.. don't ridiculize ourselves...

We could also do a real 30 minute talk about amsn and espeically amsn2.

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