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Instructions :
1. : Read the LANG-HOWTO file with instructions for translators
2. : Download the old language file here : langru
3. : Copy the keywords from the list below and add them to the language file.
4. : Translate the english explanations
5. : Send the updated file to

abookerroraMSN failed to download your contact list. This is most probably a temporary issue with the MSN servers. You are now logged in using your cached contact list data (if any). We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again later.
accountkidThis kids account cannot be used with Messenger. You have to go to the Kids Passport Web site and give parental consent.
activeautoupdateActivate auto-update
addtoalAdd to AL
addtoblAdd to BL
addtoflAdd to FL
alarmpref2Alarm settings for every contact
allow_smsAllow users to contact me on my MSN mobile device
askcamAsk to Receive Webcam
askcontactwebcamto ask for your contact's webcam, or
asksendingyourwebcamto ask for sending your own webcam
asksendoimDo you want to send this message as an offline message ?
askwebcamAsk this user to send his/her webcam
assistantainputChoose your input device and try recording with it.
assistantaoutputChoose your output device, and try playing this file to test it.
assistantfinetunepicChange the following settings to adjust the image quality of your webcam
assistantnoteNOTE: this configuration is *ONLY* for the '$1' feature.
assistantwelcomeThis assistant will guide you through the setup of your audio and video settings for aMSN.\n\nIt will check if the required extensions are present and loaded and you'll be able to choose the device and channel, set the picture settings and resolution.
audioconfiguredYou chose the following Audio settings:\n\nOutput Device: $1\nInput Device: $2
autoacceptwcAutomatically accept Webcam requests
autoaudiosinkdescAutomatically detect the best Audio Output device for your system
autoaudiosrcdescAutomatically detect the best Audio Input device for your system
automaticsinkAutodetect Output
automaticsrcAutodetect Input
autovideosinkdescAutomatically detect the best video output method for your system
autovideosrcdescAutomatically detect the webcam capture device on your system
avacceptedVideo Conference call accepted
avAudio and Video Conference
avcanceledVideo Conference call canceled
avgotinvitationReceived Video Conference invitation from $1
avinitfailedInitialization of the Audio/Video Plugin failed. Call Canceled
badwebcamCannot display the webcam's image. Make sure your webcam is well plugged and installed.
blinktrayMake the trayicon blink when there are unread messages
blocknotificationsDisable showing notification windows
bringtofrontBring All to Front
bugerrorSorry, but there was a problem connecting to the bug database. Please check your internet connection.
bugnocommentSend without a comment? Commenting on a bug helps us figure out what went wrong and fix it easier.
cachedpicsforCached display pictures for user
cagreementConfidentiality Agreement
cam_in_cwShow webcam streams embedded in the chatwindows
cantgetCouldn't get $1
cantloadonlineversionCan't recover the On-Line updated list of languages from the Internet
captureextloadedCapture extension -$1- is loaded
captureextnotloadedCapture extension -$1- is not loaded, you have to compile it first
capturepropertiesWebcam image properties
capturewarnYou won't be able to send your webcam if you have one. If not, it's normal. You may find answers on how to install this extension on our Wiki:
change_account_infoChange Account Information
change_mobileChange Mobile settings
changepsmChange personal message
changestatusChange Status
changevideosettingsChange video settings
checkingaudioChecking if audio extension (Snack) is loaded ...
checkingcamChecking if a webcam is connected ...
checkingcapextChecking if '$1' extension is loaded ...
checkingextensionsChecking for required video extensions
checkopenfilecommandPlease check the open file command in preferences window
chooseaudiosinkSelect Audio Output
chooseaudiosrcSelect Audio Input
choosechannelChoose a channel
choosedeviceChoose your device
chooseinputdevChoose your input device
chooselocationChoose new file location
choosemixerdevChoose your mixer
chooseoutputdevChoose your output device
choosevideosrcChoose Video Input
clearwebcamlogsClear All Webcam logs
clicktoaddClick the 'Add' button to add a new note
closeallClose all tabs in this window?
closealltabsClose all tabs
closechatwindowsClose all conversations before Sign Out?
closelabelWhen you click the close button in a tabbed chat window
closeonlyClose only the current tab
closeorcallvideoYou have to close/cancel the Video Call before closing the window.
closeorcallYou have to close/cancel the Audio Call before closing the window.
closeordockClosing the contact list window will quit aMSN. Maybe you meant to just close the window and have aMSN stay alive in the tray.\n\nAre you sure you want to quit aMSN?
closeothersClose All Other Tabs
configpermissionerrorError writing configuration file. Make sure you have the correct permissions for the directory $1
configuremicConfiguring your microphone
configurepluginConfigure plugin $1
configuringaudioConfiguring audio settings
confirmfulldeleteAlso remove from Windows Live Address Book
connectedatConnected At:
connectfirstPlease connect first
contentroamingsettingStore display picture on the server
conversationwith$1 users in conversation
copytoclipboardCopy $1 to the clipboard
couldnotrenameCould not rename file $1
curdisplaypicCurrent display picture
curfssinknotworkingCurrently selected output is not working, using '$1' instead
curfssrcnotworkingCurrently selected input is not working, using '$1' instead
currentdynrateCurrent real-time speed (in milliseconds)
currentlanguageThis is the language currently in use
currentnotesCurrent notes
customdpCustom Display Picture
customsmileysDisplay other users' Custom Emoticons
custshowcustomsmileysShow user's Custom Emoticons
cutimageboxresetReset the selection box\nsize to:
cutimageboxSelect the part of the image you want to use, resizing and moving the selection-box
cyclewindowsCycle Through Windows
devicebusyDevice $1 is busy
disabledaudiosrcdescDisable Audio input, and do not send any audio from your microphone
disabledvideosrcdescDisable Video input and do not send your webcam
displayeventnickDisplay when contacts change nickname
displayeventpsmDisplay when contacts change Personal Message
dontaskweekDon't ask update again for one week
dontshowdpDon't let this user download your new Display Pictures
downloadingwaitDownloading new aMSN version. Please Wait...
dynamicrateUse dynamic frame rate to simulate the real-time speed
editavsettingsEdit audio and video settings
editcontentEdit the content of the subject field and the note field
editmyprofileEdit my MSN Profile
emailnotverified(Email not verified yet!)
emoticon_stealAdd to emoticons
enablespacesEnable Windows Live Spaces support (EXPERIMENTAL)
enterbugdescEnter a description of what you were doing to help us reproduce the bug:
escapeclosescwEscape key closes chat windows
farsightextcheckingChecking if Farsight extension is loaded ...
farsightextwarnYou won't be able to have SIP calls. You may find answers on how to install Farsight on our Wiki:
fetchingFetching data...
filenotwritableCannot delete this file
filtersselectSelect the filters you want to use\n(Note: none selected means 'show all')
filtersxFilter Selection
findasyoutypeFind as you type
findnextFind Next
findprevFind Previous
finetunesettingsFinetune picture settings
finish2applyPress Finish to apply those settings.
firewalled2You are firewalled, please check your Connection settings in the preferences window
firewalledYou are firewalled or behind a router
fsautoaudiosinkchosenAutomatically chosen '$1' for Audio output
fsautoaudiosrcchosenAutomatically chosen '$1' for Audio input
fsautovideosrcchosenAutomatically chosen '$1' for Video input
fsnosuitablesrcNo suitable Input device found, using '$1' for testing purposes
fssrcdisabledusingDisabled input, using '$1' for testing purposes
ftautocloseClose this window after completing the file transfer
ftportpref2Starting port for direct connections (needed for file transfers and webcam)
gameaccepted$1 has accepted your game invitation
gameclosedbyother$1 has canceled the game session with you.
gameclosedbyselfYou have canceled the game session with $1.
gameinvitation$1 has invited you to play $2. Do you want to accept this invitation?
gamepluginnotfound$1 has invited you to play $2 but there is no plugin for this game currently loaded. Please activate and configure this plugin first.
gamerejected$1 has rejected your game invitation
gamerequestYou have invited $1 to play $2
getmorepluginsGet more Plugins!
getmoreskinsGet more skins!
getprofileofflineRetrieve offline users' nicknames and Personal Messages (Might slow down the login process)
globalcontainerGlobal container
gotink$1 sent you an ink.
gotoinboxGo to Inbox
goto_prefs_removeprofileClick here to go to preferences and delete your profile
groupcontactsbystatusGroup Contacts by Status
groupcontactsGroup contacts
groupnonimGroup Non-Instant Messaging Contacts Together
hangupHang Up
hidebuttonbarHide Button Bar
hidedetailsHide details
hidemenumessageAre you sure you want to hide the menus ?\nYou can restore them any time by using the show/hide menus hotkey 'Ctrl-M'.
hidemenuShow/Hide menus
hideuserscwHide users in this chat window.
howto_remove_profileTo delete your profile (forget $1) you need to do so from the preferences window. \n\nFor security reasons, profile deletion from the login screen is not allowed.
ignorecontactIgnore the conversations from the contact
inserttextnoteInsert text into the subject field and the note field, then click 'Save'
invalidparameterError connecting to server:\ninvalid parameter
language_managerLanguage manager
lazypicretrievalLazy Display Pictures retrieval
lconvstartedOIMStarted an Offline Instant Messaging conversation on $1
loadotherdisplaypicLoading display pictures of $1, please wait...
logeventnickLog the nickname changes
logeventpsmLog the Personal Message changes
logoutwincloselabelWhen Signing Out, close conversations
logschatsIs logging chats
logwebcamSave all webcam sessions to aMSN's History for future viewing
longpsmYour Personal Message is too long. This is not officially supported by the MSN protocol. Are you sure you want to set it?
lowrescamUse a low-resolution webcam
mobilegrp2Put users in "Mobile" group when offline (and sorted by status)
msnstatusMSN Network Status
mypicsMy display pictures
needwinico2Need winico05.dll in the utils/windows directory for windows traydocking to work
new_accountCreate account
newchatNew Chat
newoimNew Offline Messages
newtabbedfeatureaMSN has a new feature for managing conversation, you can now have all of your windows from the same group or from your whole contact list in one tabbed window. Please choose the way aMSN should manage your conversations
newupdateNew updates available for aMSN
nickchanged$1 Changed nickname to '$2'
no_blocked_notifDo not show notification windows for blocked contacts
nocacheddpsNo Display Pictures in cache for this user
nocamwarnNo webcam were found, or your webcam is already in use by another program (which means it cannot be used by aMSN). You will find help on how to solve this issue on our Wiki:
nodevicesCurrently, no devices are installed
noftpreviewDisable sending a preview of images in file transfers
nojavascriptYou do not have javascript enabled. Automatic signin might not work.
nonimgroupNon-Instant Messaging Contacts
nooimconfirmationDo not ask for confirmation when sending/receiving Offline Messages
noresizesmileysDo not scale down incoming custom emoticons
nosoundNo sound was detected, make sure your microphone has been connected to your computer properly
nosound_or_holdNo sound was detected. To send a Voice Clip you need to press and hold down the button while speaking then release it to send the message.
nospaceNothing to see here
notimcontactThis contact is not an Instant-Messaging contact
nottabbedNormal windows without tabs
nouserspecifiedNo user specified
novideocodecsavailableNo video codecs available.
oimauthenticationfailedAuthentication failed
oimfloodToo many Offline messages sent... please wait and try again
oimmessagetoolargeOffline Message is too large... split it and send again
oimOffline Messaging
oimsystemunavailableOffline Messaging system currently unavailable
oimunexpectederrorUnexpected Error
onlinehelpOnline Help
openfilecommandOpen file command
otherdisplaypicOther display pictures of this user (right-click for more options)
otherdpsOther display pictures
passportnotverifiedYour passport account must be verified before you can change your personal information (such as your nickname). Please check your inbox for an activation email.
pausedwebcamreceiveThe webcam has been paused by the other user
pausewebcamsendPause sending of webcam
photosharingrequestYou just received a Photo Sharing request. This feature is not yet supported by aMSN and cannot be canceled from your side. Tell your contact to cancel the Photo Sharing request and send the file using a File Transfer.
playbackpositionPlayback position
playbackspeedPlayback speed (milliseconds between each frame)
playerrorAn error occured when trying to play the sound : $1
playtestPlay the test file
playwebcamsendResume sending webcam
portswellconfiguredYour ports are well configured
preffont4Change the way I see other people's text in chat sessions
preflocale2Select your language-/country-code
preflocaleLocale settings
profileaccrualerrorYour Windows Live ID account information is incomplete.\nPlease make sure your birthday and country are correctly filled in your profile.
psmatendShow Personal Message beside the nickname
psmchanged$1 Changed PSM to '$2'
psmdontshowDon't show Personal Message, unless otherwise defined in global/custom nicks
psmnewlineShow Personal Message below the nickname
psmPersonal Message
psmplaceWhere should the Personal Message be placed ?
pwcdriverYou are using the pwc driver
receivedoimreadYou have $1 new Offline Instant Messages. Do you want to read them ?
receivedvoiceReceived Voice Clip
reconnectnowReconnect now
recorderrorAn error occured when trying to record the sound : $1
recvwebcamaccepted$1 accepted your invitation to view his/her webcam. Connecting...
redirectClick here to get redirected
rememberaccountRemember my account
renameepRename this location ($1)
renamelocationRename this location
resetincomingfontReset font (use font message sender chooses)
restartforskinNote: You may need to restart aMSN to view the skin properly!
saveddefaultlocSave in default location
savelocationDo you want to save file on $1?
savelocationerrorFile can't be saved at this place.
saveotherdirectorySave in another directory
searchadvprefsSearch in advanced preferences:
searchdownSearch down
searchupSearch up
selectcontactSelect a contact
sendcamSend Webcam
sendemailSend my email address to notify me of changes
sendfeedbackSend Feedback
sendmobmsgSend to Mobile Device
sendoimSend an Offline Message
sendsipStart Audio Call
sendvideosipStart Video Call
sendvoiceSend a Voice Clip
sendwebcamaccepted$1 accepted your invitation to view your webcam. Connecting...
sendwebcaminviteInvite a user to see your webcam
sentvoiceSent Voice Clip
setasmydpSet as my display picture
setbackinitialstateYou have set aMSN to connect as $1, but you are now $2. Are you sure you want to set your status back to $1 ?
setupcamfinetuneSetting up webcam device, and finetuning picture
setupcamSetting up your webcam device
shareswebcamShares webcam
show_contactdps_in_clShow thumbnails of contacts Display Pictures in Contact List
showcontactemailShow Contacts with E-mail
showcontactnickShow Contacts with Nickname
showdetailedviewShow Detailed Contacts View
showdetailsShow details
showlinksinloginShow Links in the Login Screen
showmailiconShow mail icon on traydock when new emails arrive
shownonimShow Non-Instant Messaging Contacts
shownotinlistShow special icon for contacts that do not have you in their list
showofflinegroupShow Offline Group
showonedpframeShow only one DisplayPicture frame in chat windows
showpicnotifyShow users' pictures on notify windows
showspacesShow Spaces icon in the contact list
showuserscwThere are $1 users in this conversation. If you want to see or hide them click here.
signinstatusSign-in status
signoutepSign out from $1
signouteverywhereSign out from everywhere
signouthereSign out from here ($1)
signoutSign out
sipcallacceptedAudio Call Accepted
sipcallbackCall Back
sipcallconnectedYour audio call is now connected!
sipcalldeclinedAudio Call Rejected
sipcalleeacceptedUser accepted your Audio Call
sipcalleebusyUser is currently Busy
sipcalleecanceledUser has canceled the Audio call Invitation
sipcalleeclosedUser has ended your Audio Call
sipcalleedeclinedUser Declined your Audio Call invitation
sipcalleenoanswerUser did not answer your Call
sipcalleeunavailableUser is not available right now
sipcallendedYour Audio Call has ended
sipcallimpossible2You cannot make an Audio or Video Call. Please install Farsight2 and try again.
sipcallmissedYou missed an Audio Call from $1
sipcallnosipflagUser does not support Audio Calls.
sipcallsentCalling $1
sipcallyouarebusy2You can only have one Audio or Video Call at a time.
sipdisabledprotocolAudio/Video call capabilities have been disabled in this version of aMSN because Microsoft(TM) has changed their protocols again and disabled access to their SIP servers, blocking aMSN from giving you access to this feature.
sipgotinvitationReceived Audio Call invitation from $1
sipvideocallacceptedVideo Call Accepted
sipvideocallconnectedYour Video call is now connected!
sipvideocalldeclinedVideo Call Rejected
sipvideocalleeacceptedUser accepted your Video Call
sipvideocalleecanceledUser has canceled the Video call Invitation
sipvideocalleeclosedUser has ended your Video Call
sipvideocalleedeclinedUser Declined your Video Call invitation
sipvideocallendedYour Video Call has ended
sipvideocallmissedYou missed a Video Call from $1
sipvideocallnosipflagUser does not support Video Calls.
sipvideogotinvitationReceived Video Call invitation from $1
smiletoobigThe smiley you choose is bigger than normal size. Do you want to resize it ?
smileynotavailableSmiley not available!
snackneededThe Snack library is needed in order to use this feature. A minimal version of 2.2.9 is necessary.
sortcontactgroupSort Contacts by Group
sortcontacthybridSort Contacts in Hybrid Mode
sortcontactsascSort Contacts Ascending
sortcontactsbylogsizeSort Contacts by log size
sortcontactsbySort Contacts by
sortcontactsdescSort Contacts Descending
sortcontactstatusSort Contacts by Status
sortgroupsascSort Groups Ascending
sortgroupsdescSort Groups Descending
soundnoavailThe audio device is not available. Please stop any application using the sound device.
startonbootStart aMSN on Windows boot
statepsmCustom Personal Message (leave blank for no change)
stopwebcamreceiveStop receiving Webcam
stopwebcamsendStop sending Webcam
subjectrequiredSubject required
tabbedglobalA tabbed window for all users in the contact list
tabbedgroupsA tabbed window for users from the same group
tabtitlenickDisplay nicks in the tabs instead of email
thismonthThis month
throughserverThrough server
tkerror1TK has brought an error, there is a bug in aMSN, please report it by clicking the Report button. You can click Details to see more informations about the bug or click Ignore to continue chatting with aMSN.
tomobileTo Mobile
totalsizeTotal size
trayiconShow a status icon in the notification area
unavailablecountryserverThe server for your country is temporarily unavailable. Try again later. You may also fix this issue by changing the country setting on your Passport account on
unselectallUnselect all
updateonlycurrentlanguageUpdate only the current language
updatesavedDone\n Saved $1 in $2.
upgradetcltkYou need TCL/TK $1 or better to run aMSN. Please upgrade.
useasdpUse as Display Picture
useasregexpUse as a Regular Expression (regexp)
userdpsUser display pictures
videoconversationrequestYou just received a video conversation (bidirectional audio and video) request. This feature is not yet supported by aMSN and has been canceled. However, you can still use the standard webcam conversation.
viewspaceView space items
voiceclipVoice Clip
wanttosharecamI want to make my webcam available to others
webcamcanceledThe webcam session with $1 has been canceled
webcamclosebefcancelYou have to cancel all webcam sessions before closing the window
webcamconfigureConfigure Webcam
webcamconfiguredLinuxYou chose the following webcam settings:\nWebcam device: $1\nWebcam channel: $2
webcamconfiguredMacYour webcam settings have been configured
webcamconfiguredWinYou chose the following webcam device : $1
webcamextcheckingChecking if webcam extension is loaded ...
webcamextloadedWebcamsn extension is loaded
webcamextnotloadedWebcamsn extension is not loaded. You have to compile it.
webcamextwarnYou won't be able to view your contacts' webcams. You may find answers on how to install some extensions on our Wiki:
webcamfaqFAQ/Help for Webcam
webcamhistory2Webcam Sessions
webcamhistoryView Webcam Sessions
webcaminvitereceived$1 invited you to start a webcam session. Do you want to accept this session?
webcaminvitereceivedauto$1 invited you to start a webcam session. This session is automatically accepted.
webcaminvitereceivingautoYou are invited to start viewing $1 's webcam. This session is automatically accepted.
webcaminvitereceivingYou are invited to start viewing $1 's webcam. Do you want to accept this session?
webcaminvitesending$1 would like to view your webcam. Do you want to accept this session?
webcaminvitesendingauto$1 would like to view your webcam. This session is automatically accepted.
webcamrejected$1 rejected invitation for webcam session
webcamrequestreceiveSent request to receive webcam
webcamrequestsendSent request to send webcam
webcamsendingList of people you are currently sending webcam\nClick to cancel
whatisamsnaMSN is a platform-independent MSN Messenger clone
whatsizeThe image you have requested is not the normal display picture\nsize (96x96) What size would you like the image to be displayed as?
wintitlenickDisplay nicks in a tabbed window instead of email
xplaces$1 Places
yesblockYes and block