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langmt Encoding : utf-8 Missing keys : 344

Instructions :
1. : Read the LANG-HOWTO file with instructions for translators
2. : Download the old language file here : langmt
3. : Copy the keywords from the list below and add them to the language file.
4. : Translate the english explanations
5. : Send the updated file to

abookerroraMSN failed to download your contact list. This is most probably a temporary issue with the MSN servers. You are now logged in using your cached contact list data (if any). We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again later.
accountkidThis kids account cannot be used with Messenger. You have to go to the Kids Passport Web site and give parental consent.
addtoalAdd to AL
addtoblAdd to BL
addtoflAdd to FL
assistantnoteNOTE: this configuration is *ONLY* for the '$1' feature.
autoacceptwcAutomatically accept Webcam requests
autoaudiosinkdescAutomatically detect the best Audio Output device for your system
autoaudiosrcdescAutomatically detect the best Audio Input device for your system
automaticsinkAutodetect Output
automaticsrcAutodetect Input
autovideosinkdescAutomatically detect the best video output method for your system
autovideosrcdescAutomatically detect the webcam capture device on your system
avacceptedVideo Conference call accepted
avAudio and Video Conference
avcanceledVideo Conference call canceled
avgotinvitationReceived Video Conference invitation from $1
avinitfailedInitialization of the Audio/Video Plugin failed. Call Canceled
blinktrayMake the trayicon blink when there are unread messages
bringtofrontBring All to Front
cam_in_cwShow webcam streams embedded in the chatwindows
cantexecCan't execute application: $1. Check preferences
cantgetCouldn't get $1
cantloadonlineversionCan't recover the On-Line updated list of languages from the Internet
captureextloadedCapture extension -$1- is loaded
captureextnotloadedCapture extension -$1- is not loaded, you have to compile it first
capturepropertiesWebcam image properties
capturewarnYou won't be able to send your webcam if you have one. If not, it's normal. You may find answers on how to install this extension on our Wiki:
casesensitiveUse case-sensitive triggers
changepsmChange personal message
charscounterTyped characters counter in chat window
chatsmileys2Display Emoticons and Smileys in chat windows
checkemailShow mail notification line (inbox) in contact list
chooseaudiosinkSelect Audio Output
chooseaudiosrcSelect Audio Input
chooseinputdevChoose your input device
chooseoutputdevChoose your output device
choosevideosrcChoose Video Input
clientcapsSend x-clientcaps packet to other's clients
clientnameClient name
closelabelWhen you click the close button in a tabbed chat window
closeorcallvideoYou have to close/cancel the Video Call before closing the window.
closeorcallYou have to close/cancel the Audio Call before closing the window.
closingdocksClose button minimizes
compactstyleCompact Style
configpermissionerrorError writing configuration file. Make sure you have the correct permissions for the directory $1
configuremicConfiguring your microphone
configuringaudioConfiguring audio settings
confirmfulldeleteAlso remove from Windows Live Address Book
confirmpurgeAll stored display pictures from other contacts will be erased (those of your own will be kept). Are you sure?
connectedatConnected At:
contentroamingsettingStore display picture on the server
convertexplainPath to CONVERT executable file, from ImageMagick (required for Display Pictures).\n Leave blank if CONVERT is in the path
corruptconfigConfiguration file is corrupt. Creating new one. Old file will be saved to $1. Please send it to us to check what happened.
corruptstatesCustom states config is corrupt. Creating new one. Old file will be saved to $1. Please send it to us to check what happened.
curfssinknotworkingCurrently selected output is not working, using '$1' instead
curfssrcnotworkingCurrently selected input is not working, using '$1' instead
currentdynrateCurrent real-time speed (in milliseconds)
customsmileysDisplay other users' Custom Emoticons
cutimageboxresetReset the selection box\nsize to:
cutimageboxSelect the part of the image you want to use, resizing and moving the selection-box
cyclewindowsCycle Through Windows
defaultDefault Config
defaultloginradioSign in with default configuration
defchatwinsizeDefault size for chat windows (XSIZExYSIZE)
delimitersTimestamp delimiters:
disabledaudiosrcdescDisable Audio input, and do not send any audio from your microphone
disabledvideosrcdescDisable Video input and do not send your webcam
disableprofilesDisable profiles (Useful for cyber-cafes or shared environments)
disablesslDisable SSL
disableuserfontsIgnore remote user font in chats, and use your own font type
displaychatDisplay text options
displayp4contextDisplay P4-Context field content as message sender
dockfreedesktopFreeDesktop (KDE3/Gnome2)
dockgtkGnome Dock
dockingoffDocking Off
dockkdeKDE Dock
downloadingtlsDownloading TLS module from:\n $1
downloadingwaitDownloading new aMSN version. Please Wait...
dynamicrateUse dynamic frame rate to simulate the real-time speed
editcontentEdit the content of the subject field and the note field
editvalueEdit value
emailnotverified(Email not verified yet!)
emoticon_stealAdd to emoticons
emotisoundsPlay sounds for certain emoticons
enableproxyEnable proxy
enableremoteEnable remote controlling
enablespacesEnable Windows Live Spaces support (EXPERIMENTAL)
encoding2Change the way your characters are encoded
encodingChoose encoding
faileddeletepersoThis picture cannot be deleted because it does not belong to your profile. Only pictures that belong to your personal profile can be removed this way.
farsightextcheckingChecking if Farsight extension is loaded ...
farsightextwarnYou won't be able to have SIP calls. You may find answers on how to install Farsight on our Wiki:
fetchingFetching data...
filemanexample(\$location will be replaced with the directory) Ex: nautilus \$location
filtersselectSelect the filters you want to use\n(Note: none selected means 'show all')
filtersxFilter Selection
finetunesettingsFinetune picture settings
firewalled2You are firewalled, please check your Connection settings in the preferences window
firewalledYou are firewalled or behind a router
followtextScroll down when new text is entered
fsautoaudiosinkchosenAutomatically chosen '$1' for Audio output
fsautoaudiosrcchosenAutomatically chosen '$1' for Audio input
fsautovideosrcchosenAutomatically chosen '$1' for Video input
fsnodevfoundNo devices available
fsnosuitablesrcNo suitable Input device found, using '$1' for testing purposes
fssrcdisabledusingDisabled input, using '$1' for testing purposes
ftacceptingAccepting file transfer request
ftconnecterrorError connecting to remote peer
ftconnectionlostConnection with remote peer lost
ftportpref2Starting port for direct connections (needed for file transfers and webcam)
ftportprefStarting port for file transfers
gameaccepted$1 has accepted your game invitation
gameclosedbyother$1 has canceled the game session with you.
gameclosedbyselfYou have canceled the game session with $1.
gameinvitation$1 has invited you to play $2. Do you want to accept this invitation?
gamepluginnotfound$1 has invited you to play $2 but there is no plugin for this game currently loaded. Please activate and configure this plugin first.
gamerejected$1 has rejected your game invitation
gamerequestYou have invited $1 to play $2
getprofileofflineRetrieve offline users' nicknames and Personal Messages (Might slow down the login process)
globalcontainerGlobal container
gotink$1 sent you an ink.
gotoGo to $1
groupnonimGroup Non-Instant Messaging Contacts Together
hangupHang Up
hidedetailsHide details
hidemenumessageAre you sure you want to hide the menus ?\nYou can restore them any time by using the show/hide menus hotkey 'Ctrl-M'.
hideuserscwHide users in this chat window.
howto_remove_profileTo delete your profile (forget $1) you need to do so from the preferences window. \n\nFor security reasons, profile deletion from the login screen is not allowed.
hybridHybrid mode
inserttextnoteInsert text into the subject field and the note field, then click 'Save'
installconvertYou must install ImageMagick (convert program) in order to use Buddy Icons and Custom Emoticons. You can download the binaries for your Operating System . If you already have it, then it is a bug, please report it. These features will now be disabled, if you install ImageMagick later on reenable these options from the Preferences.
invalidfile2Filename $1 could not be created, make sure you have the correct permissions for that target.
invalidfileFile $2 entered in field "$1" does not exist or is not readable
invalidparameterError connecting to server:\ninvalid parameter
ipdetectDetect correct IP for File Transfers using HTTP
keepaliveKeepalive (NAT)
keeplog2Log all conversations to aMSN's History for future viewing
lazypicretrievalLazy Display Pictures retrieval
lclosedwin$1 has closed the window on $2
lconvstartedOIMStarted an Offline Instant Messaging conversation on $1
leavejoinsinchatShow "leaves/joins conversation" notifications inside the chat window
lineflushlogFlush log files after each line
listeningonListening on port $1
listsmileys2Display Emoticons and Smileys in aMSN's main contact list
listsmileysList smileys
logbiggerLog file sizes for each contact never exceeds
logfandexpLog File Sizes and History Expiry
logolderOnly log chats that have taken place in the last
logoutwincloselabelWhen Signing Out, close conversations
logsbydateSort logs by date (View history loads a lot faster)
logsmileysDisplay Emoticons and Smileys in aMSN's history windows
longnickYour nickname is longer than 130 characters. This is not officially supported by the MSN protocol. Are you sure you want to set it?
longp4cYour Friendly Name is longer than 130 characters. The Friendly Name that will appear on the official MSN client will be $1. Are you sure you want to set it?
maintenanceThe server is going down for maintenance in $1 minutes
mobilegrp2Put users in "Mobile" group when offline (and sorted by status)
msgflickerFlicker chat window title when new message is received on unfocused window.
msgmodeSelect how to handle multiple message windows:
myfriendlynameMy friendly name
needwinico2Need winico05.dll in the utils/windows directory for windows traydocking to work
newtabbedfeatureaMSN has a new feature for managing conversation, you can now have all of your windows from the same group or from your whole contact list in one tabbed window. Please choose the way aMSN should manage your conversations
no_blocked_notifDo not show notification windows for blocked contacts
nocamwarnNo webcam were found, or your webcam is already in use by another program (which means it cannot be used by aMSN). You will find help on how to solve this issue on our Wiki:
nojavascriptYou do not have javascript enabled. Automatic signin might not work.
nonimgroupNon-Instant Messaging Contacts
nooimconfirmationDo not ask for confirmation when sending/receiving Offline Messages
noskinsCouldn't find default skin in skins/ folder. Can't start aMSN
nosound_or_holdNo sound was detected. To send a Voice Clip you need to press and hold down the button while speaking then release it to send the message.
notificationserverInitial MSN Notification Server (MSN Messenger Server)
notifyoffsetOffset the position of the notification pop-up
notimcontactThis contact is not an Instant-Messaging contact
novideocodecsavailableNo video codecs available.
oimauthenticationfailedAuthentication failed
oimfloodToo many Offline messages sent... please wait and try again
oimmessagetoolargeOffline Message is too large... split it and send again
oimsystemunavailableOffline Messaging system currently unavailable
oimunexpectederrorUnexpected Error
ordercontactsbyOrder contacts by
ordergroupsbyOrder groups by
p4contextprefixPrefix P4-Context senders with this string
passportnotverifiedYour passport account must be verified before you can change your personal information (such as your nickname). Please check your inbox for an activation email.
pausewebcamsendPause sending of webcam
photosharingrequestYou just received a Photo Sharing request. This feature is not yet supported by aMSN and cannot be canceled from your side. Tell your contact to cancel the Photo Sharing request and send the file using a File Transfer.
playbackpositionPlayback position
playbackspeedPlayback speed (milliseconds between each frame)
playerrorAn error occured when trying to play the sound : $1
playgame2Play $1
playgamePlay game
playtestPlay the test file
prefalertsMy Event Alerts and Sounds
preffont2Change the way others see my text in chat sessions
preffont4Change the way I see other people's text in chat sessions
prefftFile transfer, peer-to-peer and NAT settings
preflibsLibraries directories
preflocale2Select your language-/country-code
preflocaleLocale settings
preflog1My History and Logging Options
preflogeventMy Events History
prefmsgingMy Messaging Interface
prefphone2Type the phone numbers that you would like people \n on your Allow List to see \n
prefprofile3aMSN's User Configuration Profiles
prefremoteRemote Connection Preferences
prefsessionMy Sign In and Status
prefsharedShared Connections (only for NAT)
profileaccrualerrorYour Windows Live ID account information is incomplete.\nPlease make sure your birthday and country are correctly filled in your profile.
profiledconfigProfiled Config
proxyconfhttpHTTP proxy support configuration
psmdontshowDon't show Personal Message, unless otherwise defined in global/custom nicks
publishphonesPublish my phone numbers
readonlymsgboxThe file transfer has been canceled due to the received directory being read-only. Please fix the permissions on this directory.
readonlywarnWARNING: The file will probably NOT be saved correctly as the "Received files" directory seems to be write-protected. Please ensure that the permissions on the target directory ($1) are set correctly before transfering the file.
reconnectnowReconnect now
reconnectWaiting for $1 to reconnect
recvwebcamaccepted$1 accepted your invitation to view his/her webcam. Connecting...
redirectClick here to get redirected
renameepRename this location ($1)
renamelocationRename this location
resetincomingfontReset font (use font message sender chooses)
reversedReversed order
savechatwinsizeSave chat window size as default when resizing it
saveddefaultlocSave in default location
sbconConnecting to Switch Board
searchadvprefsSearch in advanced preferences:
sendsipStart Audio Call
sendvideosipStart Video Call
sendwebcamaccepted$1 accepted your invitation to view your webcam. Connecting...
setbackinitialstateYou have set aMSN to connect as $1, but you are now $2. Are you sure you want to set your status back to $1 ?
setupcamfinetuneSetting up webcam device, and finetuning picture
setupcamSetting up your webcam device
shareswebcamShares webcam
show_contactdps_in_clShow thumbnails of contacts Display Pictures in Contact List
showdetailedviewShow Detailed Contacts View
showdetailsShow details
showdisplaypic2Show Display Picture by default when a chat window is opened
showlinksinloginShow Links in the Login Screen
showmailiconShow mail icon on traydock when new emails arrive
shownonimShow Non-Instant Messaging Contacts
shownotinlistShow special icon for contacts that do not have you in their list
showofflinegroupShow Offline Group
showonedpframeShow only one DisplayPicture frame in chat windows
showpicnotifyShow users' pictures on notify windows
showspacesShow Spaces icon in the contact list
showuserscwThere are $1 users in this conversation. If you want to see or hide them click here.
signinstatusSign-in status
signoutepSign out from $1
signouteverywhereSign out from everywhere
signouthereSign out from here ($1)
signoutSign out
sipcallacceptedAudio Call Accepted
sipcallbackCall Back
sipcallconnectedYour audio call is now connected!
sipcalldeclinedAudio Call Rejected
sipcalleeacceptedUser accepted your Audio Call
sipcalleebusyUser is currently Busy
sipcalleecanceledUser has canceled the Audio call Invitation
sipcalleeclosedUser has ended your Audio Call
sipcalleedeclinedUser Declined your Audio Call invitation
sipcalleenoanswerUser did not answer your Call
sipcalleeunavailableUser is not available right now
sipcallendedYour Audio Call has ended
sipcallimpossible2You cannot make an Audio or Video Call. Please install Farsight2 and try again.
sipcallmissedYou missed an Audio Call from $1
sipcallnosipflagUser does not support Audio Calls.
sipcallsentCalling $1
sipcallyouarebusy2You can only have one Audio or Video Call at a time.
sipdisabledprotocolAudio/Video call capabilities have been disabled in this version of aMSN because Microsoft(TM) has changed their protocols again and disabled access to their SIP servers, blocking aMSN from giving you access to this feature.
sipgotinvitationReceived Audio Call invitation from $1
sipvideocallacceptedVideo Call Accepted
sipvideocallconnectedYour Video call is now connected!
sipvideocalldeclinedVideo Call Rejected
sipvideocalleeacceptedUser accepted your Video Call
sipvideocalleecanceledUser has canceled the Video call Invitation
sipvideocalleeclosedUser has ended your Video Call
sipvideocalleedeclinedUser Declined your Video Call invitation
sipvideocallendedYour Video Call has ended
sipvideocallmissedYou missed a Video Call from $1
sipvideocallnosipflagUser does not support Video Calls.
sipvideogotinvitationReceived Video Call invitation from $1
smileintro2Please edit the required fields to customize this smiley (see the FAQ for help)
smileynotavailableSmiley not available!
snackfailedSnack failed to load, reverting to default
snackneededThe Snack library is needed in order to use this feature. A minimal version of 2.2.9 is necessary.
sortcontactsbylogsizeSort Contacts by log size
soundcommandThis has to be the play command (ex: esdplay)
soundexample(\$sound = Sound file to be played) Ex: esdplay \$sound
soundnoavailThe audio device is not available. Please stop any application using the sound device.
soundserverSound Server
sourcecodeSource Code (needs compiling and installing)
sslwarningWARNING!! Disabling SSL will disable encryption, so your password will be sent as plain text over the network. Use only for really tricky proxies or network configurations.
stateedittextPlease edit the fields you would like to modify and press Ok
storenicknameReturn to original nickname after a custom state with custom nickname
strictfontsRestrict all fonts' size to the one I selected (Status bar and others)
svnversionSVN Version
tabbedglobalA tabbed window for all users in the contact list
tabbedgroupsA tabbed window for users from the same group
throughserverThrough server
timestampsEnable timestamps on chat windows
tlsdowncompletedFile $1 was downloaded to directory $2. You must extract it, build it (if you downloaded source code) and install it inside $3.
tlsexplainFolder where the tcl TLS module is located. If aMSN can't locate it, please specify.\n(Required for SSL authentication).
tlsinstallexpaMSN now uses MSNP9, which requires the use of a secure\nconnection using SSL. In order to use SSL, aMSN needs to install a module called TLS,\nwhich is missing from your system. This wizard will help you to download and\ninstall TLS. Please choose your system type so we can automatically download\nthe required TLS files.
tlsinstallTLS Module installation wizard
tomobileTo Mobile
tooltipsEnable tooltips
traynotcompiledTray icon plugin is not compiled. Check plugins/traydock
triggersText triggers
unavailablecountryserverThe server for your country is temporarily unavailable. Try again later. You may also fix this issue by changing the country setting on your Passport account on
upgradetcltkYou need TCL/TK $1 or better to run aMSN. Please upgrade.
videoconversationrequestYou just received a video conversation (bidirectional audio and video) request. This feature is not yet supported by aMSN and has been canceled. However, you can still use the standard webcam conversation.
viewcontactsbyView contacts by
viewspaceView space items
voiceclipVoice Clip
webcamconfiguredLinuxYou chose the following webcam settings:\nWebcam device: $1\nWebcam channel: $2
webcamconfiguredMacYour webcam settings have been configured
webcaminvite$1 invited you to start an webcam session, but aMSN does not support this feature.
webcaminvitereceivedauto$1 invited you to start a webcam session. This session is automatically accepted.
webcaminvitereceivingautoYou are invited to start viewing $1 's webcam. This session is automatically accepted.
webcaminvitesendingauto$1 would like to view your webcam. This session is automatically accepted.
whatsizeThe image you have requested is not the normal display picture\nsize (96x96) What size would you like the image to be displayed as?
winkreceivedYou have received a Wink from $1. This feature is not currently supported by aMSN.
wrongfieldsThe "$1", "$2" and/or "$3" fields were not valid
xoffsetX Offset
xplaces$1 Places
yoffsetY Offset