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langbg Encoding : cp1251 Missing keys : 210

Instructions :
1. : Read the LANG-HOWTO file with instructions for translators
2. : Download the old language file here : langbg
3. : Copy the keywords from the list below and add them to the language file.
4. : Translate the english explanations
5. : Send the updated file to

abookerroraMSN failed to download your contact list. This is most probably a temporary issue with the MSN servers. You are now logged in using your cached contact list data (if any). We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again later.
addprofiledescEnter the login which you would like to create a new profile for. \nProfiles allow you to have different configurations for each login.\nWithout profiles you cannot use the History, Alarms or "Remember Password" functions.
aretyping$1 are typing a message
asksendingyourwebcamto ask for sending your own webcam
askwebcamAsk this user to send his/her webcam
assistantawarnYou won't be able to record yourself, or speak to your friends. You may find answers on how to install this extension on our Wiki:
assistantfinetunepicChange the following settings to adjust the image quality of your webcam
assistantnoteNOTE: this configuration is *ONLY* for the '$1' feature.
assistantwelcomeThis assistant will guide you through the setup of your audio and video settings for aMSN.\n\nIt will check if the required extensions are present and loaded and you'll be able to choose the device and channel, set the picture settings and resolution.
blinktrayMake the trayicon blink when there are unread messages
blockedyougroupShow a separate group for people who have blocked you
blockusersNumber of users to check at once
bringtofrontBring All to Front
broughtbyBrought to you by the following developers
browserexample(\$url will be replaced with the URL) Ex: firefox \$url
cachedpicsforCached display pictures for user
cam_in_cwShow webcam streams embedded in the chatwindows
capturewarnYou won't be able to send your webcam if you have one. If not, it's normal. You may find answers on how to install this extension on our Wiki:
casesensitiveUse case-sensitive triggers
charscounterTyped characters counter in chat window
checkopenfilecommandPlease check the open file command in preferences window
clearwebcamlogsClear All Webcam logs
clientcapsSend x-clientcaps packet to other's clients
closedConversation with $1 has been closed due to inactivity
closingdocksClose button minimizes
configpermissionerrorError writing configuration file. Make sure you have the correct permissions for the directory $1
convertexplainPath to CONVERT executable file, from ImageMagick (required for Display Pictures).\n Leave blank if CONVERT is in the path
cyclewindowsCycle Through Windows
delimitersTimestamp delimiters:
displayp4contextDisplay P4-Context field content as message sender
displaypicDisplay Picture
dockfreedesktopFreeDesktop (KDE3/Gnome2)
dockgtkGnome Dock
dockingoffDocking Off
dockkdeKDE Dock
dynamicrateUse dynamic frame rate to simulate the real-time speed
editnewstateNew Personal Automessage State
editstateEdit Existing Automessage State
findasyoutypeFind as you type
friendlynameFriendly Name
ftporttestTest port
getprofileofflineRetrieve offline users' nicknames and Personal Messages (Might slow down the login process)
globalcontainerGlobal container
globalnickInsert a pattern to form all your contacts' nicknames. You can use these variables: \$user_login for you contacts' address, \$nick for your contacts' nickname and \$customnick for your contacts' custom nickname. For example: '\$user_login is \$nick' will be ' is Contact'
globalnicktitleGlobal Nickname
globaloverrideGlobal nickname pattern should override custom nicknames
gotink$1 sent you an ink.
groupnonimGroup Non-Instant Messaging Contacts Together
helpcontentsHelp Contents
hidebuttonbarHide Button Bar
installconvertYou must install ImageMagick (convert program) in order to use Buddy Icons and Custom Emoticons. You can download the binaries for your Operating System . If you already have it, then it is a bug, please report it. These features will now be disabled, if you install ImageMagick later on reenable these options from the Preferences.
ipaddressIP Address
ircstyleIRC Style
istyping$1 is typing a message
keepaliveKeepalive (NAT)
keeplogKeep Logs of Chats
lazypicretrievalLazy Display Pictures retrieval
lineflushlogFlush log files after each line
listeningonListening on port $1
logbiggerLog file sizes for each contact never exceeds
logeventconnectLog the connections
logeventdisconnectLog the disconnections
logeventemailLog when an email is received
logeventnickLog the nickname changes
logeventpsmLog the Personal Message changes
logeventstateLog the status changes
logfandexpLog File Sizes and History Expiry
loggedotherlocationDisconnected. Logged in other location
logginginLogging In
logolderOnly log chats that have taken place in the last
logsbydateSort logs by date (View history loads a lot faster)
logschatsIs logging chats
minimizeMinimize to Tray
mobilegrp1Mobile group
morepersonalMore States ->
msgflickerFlicker chat window title when new message is received on unfocused window.
msgmaxminWhen a new message arrives I want it to be:
msnstatusMSN Network Status
msnstyleMSN Style
myfriendlynameMy friendly name
mypicMy Display Picture
mypicsMy display pictures
natkeepaliveIf you are getting disconnected regularly, enable this KeepAlive
newstateAdd custom state
newtabbedfeatureaMSN has a new feature for managing conversation, you can now have all of your windows from the same group or from your whole contact list in one tabbed window. Please choose the way aMSN should manage your conversations
nogapNo space between groups
nogroupNo group
nologfileNo Log file for $1
nonimgroupNon-Instant Messaging Contacts
nosystemtraySystem tray not available
notificationserverInitial MSN Notification Server (MSN Messenger Server)
notifyoffsetOffset the position of the notification pop-up
notifytimeoutNumber of milliseconds before notify window disappears
notifytypingSend other users notifications when typing
notimcontactThis contact is not an Instant-Messaging contact
nouserspecifiedNo user specified
novideocodecsavailableNo video codecs available.
oimauthenticationfailedAuthentication failed
oimOffline Messaging
onphoneIn a Call
ordercontactsbyOrder contacts by
ordergroupsbyOrder groups by
p4contextprefixPrefix P4-Context senders with this string
pausewebcamsendPause sending of webcam
photosharingrequestYou just received a Photo Sharing request. This feature is not yet supported by aMSN and cannot be canceled from your side. Tell your contact to cancel the Photo Sharing request and send the file using a File Transfer.
picbrowserDisplay Pictures Browser
playbackpositionPlayback position
playbackspeedPlayback speed (milliseconds between each frame)
playgame2Play $1
playingPlaying: $1
prefawaymsgMy Away Message
preffont3Change aMSN's interface font and size
prefftFile transfer, peer-to-peer and NAT settings
preflog1My History and Logging Options
preflookMy aMSN Messenger Look
prefmsgingMy Messaging Interface
prefprivacy2User's Contact/Reverse lists
prefprofile3aMSN's User Configuration Profiles
prefremoteRemote Connection Preferences
prefsessionMy Sign In and Status
profileaccrualerrorYour Windows Live ID account information is incomplete.\nPlease make sure your birthday and country are correctly filled in your profile.
profiledconfigProfiled Config
proxyconfhttpHTTP proxy support configuration
psmdontshowDon't show Personal Message, unless otherwise defined in global/custom nicks
readonlymsgboxThe file transfer has been canceled due to the received directory being read-only. Please fix the permissions on this directory.
readonlywarnWARNING: The file will probably NOT be saved correctly as the "Received files" directory seems to be write-protected. Please ensure that the permissions on the target directory ($1) are set correctly before transfering the file.
reconnect2Reconnect on loss
reversedReversed order
sbconConnecting to Switch Board
searchadvprefsSearch in advanced preferences:
shareswebcamShares webcam
showbannerShow aMSN's banner
show_contactdps_in_clShow thumbnails of contacts Display Pictures in Contact List
showdetailedviewShow Detailed Contacts View
showofflinegroupShow Offline Group
showspacesShow Spaces icon in the contact list
showuserpic$1's Display Picture
sipcallbackCall Back
sipdisabledprotocolAudio/Video call capabilities have been disabled in this version of aMSN because Microsoft(TM) has changed their protocols again and disabled access to their SIP servers, blocking aMSN from giving you access to this feature.
smilefileSmiley filename
snackfailedSnack failed to load, reverting to default
snackneededThe Snack library is needed in order to use this feature. A minimal version of 2.2.9 is necessary.
soundcommandThis has to be the play command (ex: esdplay)
soundexample(\$sound = Sound file to be played) Ex: esdplay \$sound
soundloopLoop Sound
sourcecodeSource Code (needs compiling and installing)
sslwarningWARNING!! Disabling SSL will disable encryption, so your password will be sent as plain text over the network. Use only for really tricky proxies or network configurations.
startofflineStart Offline
startontrayStart aMSN on tray icon only
stateautomsgAutoMessage to Send
stateedittextPlease edit the fields you would like to modify and press Ok
stateinfoPersonal State Configuration
statenameName of Personal State
statenewtextPlease fill the required information to create your new Personal State and press Ok
statenickCustom nick (leave blank for no change)
statepsmCustom Personal Message (leave blank for no change)
storenicknameReturn to original nickname after a custom state with custom nickname
stylechatSame look as chats
stylehistaMSN's history look
subjectrequiredSubject required
svnversionSVN Version
tabbedglobalA tabbed window for all users in the contact list
tabbedgroupsA tabbed window for users from the same group
tabbedTabbed Windows
tabtitlenickDisplay nicks in the tabs instead of email
tlsexplainFolder where the tcl TLS module is located. If aMSN can't locate it, please specify.\n(Required for SSL authentication).
tlsinstallexpaMSN now uses MSNP9, which requires the use of a secure\nconnection using SSL. In order to use SSL, aMSN needs to install a module called TLS,\nwhich is missing from your system. This wizard will help you to download and\ninstall TLS. Please choose your system type so we can automatically download\nthe required TLS files.
tlsinstallTLS Module installation wizard
tlsinstcompletedTLS module installation was successful - you should now be able to use MSNP9. If this doesn't work, then you probably didn't select the right module, or a compiled module is not available for your system.
tomobileTo Mobile
tooltipsEnable tooltips
traynotcompiledTray icon plugin is not compiled. Check plugins/traydock
triggersText triggers
truncatenames1Truncate nicknames longer than window width in window titles and contact list
truncatenames2Truncate nicknames longer than window width inside conversations
truncatenicksTruncate nicknames longer than window width
upgradetcltkYou need TCL/TK $1 or better to run aMSN. Please upgrade.
useasregexpUse as a Regular Expression (regexp)
viewspaceView space items
webcamextwarnYou won't be able to view your contacts' webcams. You may find answers on how to install some extensions on our Wiki:
webcaminvitereceivingautoYou are invited to start viewing $1 's webcam. This session is automatically accepted.
webcaminvitereceivingYou are invited to start viewing $1 's webcam. Do you want to accept this session?
webcaminvitesending$1 would like to view your webcam. Do you want to accept this session?
webcaminvitesendingauto$1 would like to view your webcam. This session is automatically accepted.
whatisamsnaMSN is a platform-independent MSN Messenger clone
wintitlenickDisplay nicks in a tabbed window instead of email
wrongfieldsThe "$1", "$2" and/or "$3" fields were not valid
xoffsetX Offset
yoffsetY Offset