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Author Topic: aMSN on WeTab  (Read 7459 times)
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« on: August 13, 2011, 03:15:02 pm »

Instructions on how to run aMSN on WeTab:

The WeTab Meego uses rpm, much like Fedora, and has a lot of helpful packages available.

1) Root the device (install the Root application from the WeTab Market). This will install a terminal where you can sudo.

2) Open the terminal from your desktop.

3) sudo yum install subversion tcl tcl-devel tk tk-devel gcc gcc-c++ make libjpeg-devel libv4l-devel

4) Install aMSN SVN : svn co ; cd amsn ; ./configure ; make   (Or just compile the latest version from source)

5) Since I don't think you'll want to run aMSN from console every time, create a desktop icon using the instructions here:

* exo-desktop-item-edit -c ~/.appdata/tiitoo-pinnwand/tiitoo-localbookmarks/
* Fill in the dialog with details (important: the Command must be /home/YOUR_USER/amsn/amsn )
* cd ~/.appdata/tiitoo-pinnwand/tiitoo-localbookmarks/
* cp ~/amsn/skins/default/pixmaps/amsnicon.png .
* vi aMSN.desktop
* replace the icon you chose with amsnicon.png
* sudo killall tiitoo-pinnwand

( instructions taken from )

6) You'll also need the TLS package, and I don't think it's provided so you'll have to fetch it yourself.
* cd ~/.amsn/plugins    (create the directory if it doesn't exist)
* wget
* (since wget is stupid and doesn't use the right filename) tar xvfz download-tls.php\?arch\=linuxx86     (Or just downl<tab> )

7) That's it, you can click the aMSN icon on your desktop and start it!

I also couldn't find a libsnack package available so you won't be able to use sound clips, if you're really interested, feel free to try compiling it and let me know how it goes. Smiley
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« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2011, 01:30:34 am »

note, you need to install gcc-c++ not gcc-g++ since that package doesn't exist...

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