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Author Topic: Howto: Getting aMSN SVN using TortoiseSVN  (Read 21538 times)
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« on: December 06, 2006, 06:32:04 pm »

Tutorial also available at :

First of all you need to install the TortoiseSVN client.  
Get it at: if you don't have it already.
You also need to have aMSN installed earlier.

Assuming you got all that, Lets begin

Step 1:

If you would like too keep you old  installation rename the scripts folder to something good like scripts-0.96 or wichever version you were using.
Create a new folder called scripts

Please note that the screenshots show the path C:\Program files\amsnsvn\ but in your case, the default installation folder is C:\Program files\amsn\

You should have something like this:

then right-click on the new folder and select the SVN Checkout... option

This takes us to..
Step 2:

After clicking on the checkout option you will get a dialog-window
In the URL of repository: box enter the adress:
and in the Checkout Directory: simply write the entire path to your newly created scripts directory

double check so that you did not do any spelling mistakes or anything then click OK.
This will close the current dialog and open up a new one. Here you just wait. in the bottom left you should see some text and after a short while a lo of text will show in the text are too. Just wait until it's finished. This can sometimes take a while.
The download is 9.68MB. You know it's complete when it says Completed At revision: xxxx (where xxxx is a number) at the bottom of the textbox.



After completion just click on the OK button.

After a successful checkout you will get a changed directory icon for the directory which you used.

Assuming Everything went well woth the checkout, just start aMSN and enjoy the absolutely latest aMSN version.
If you had a profile before switching to the new version i belive it will still be there.

Updating to latest revision:
Since you now have a less stable release than before you might be wanting to keep the program update.
To do this right click on the Scripts-folder and you will notice that SVN Checkout... is no longer there and instead you have two new options. namely SVN Update and SVN Commit... (There is also a couple of new options in the Tortoise SVN menu but you don't need any of them unless something goes wrong.)

SVN Update is of course the one you will use... My personal recommendation is to use it often. I myself runs an update everytime i start my computer which is about once per day.  
NOTE: Doing an update does not download as much as a complete checkout since it only downloads changed and/or added files. Making it pretty safe to run once in a while even on an slow connection./NOTE
Clicking on SVN Update will bring up a window just like the second picture in Step 2.
When it says Completed At revision: xxxx you have the new version.
Otherwise you can look and see what happened...
Files can be Updated, Added, Deleted...
If it only says Completed as in the picture below, it means you already are up-to-date.

NOTE: Don't Have aMSN running while running an update. Otherwise the update sometimes can't complete.

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« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2006, 10:44:32 pm »

Thanks to Trappski for his great tutorial. Now I'm just adding a little extra, without screenshots or anything to tell you how to get the latest plugins (and skins) from amsn's SVN.
First, for those who don't know what SVN is, I suggest you read this :
simply said, it's the way, we, amsn's developpers, use to share the development version's code. Which means SVN has the latest features and bug fixes that amsn could have.. but it can also contain new bugs (pertaining to new features). You could find in the latest SVN version, features such as voice clips support and offline messaging, amongst others.

Now, if you want to get your plugins from SVN too (which has a huge database of plugins), simply go to the directory :
C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_WINDOWS_USERNAME\amsn\plugins
where YOUR_WINDOWS_USERNAME is your windows username (not the msn username, but the windows username...)
Then right click in that directory, select SVN checkout, and enter the URL :
Then let it check it all out for you in that current directory.
You're done.

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