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1  aMSN Support / General / not receiving offline messages anymore on: May 16, 2010, 11:43:31 am
I'm using amsn 0.97.2, debian 5 version.
Yesterday I started to be unable to receive offline messages. I get a window telling me "you got 3 offline message" (or 1, or 5, etc.), but when I click on it nothings happens.
After having read some stuff on the internet, I tried the CTRL S command and here is what I get (I copy past what I get when I click the "yes" on the window asking me if I want to see offline messages):
[12:40:48] Sending SOAP request to with action
[12:40:48] Hotmail: 0 unread emails
[12:40:48] Hotmail: 0 unread emails in others folders
[12:40:48] hotmail_procmsg: Finishing
[12:40:48] InitSpaces: ERROR: Method not allowed for Everyone user
[12:40:53] Sending SOAP request to with action
[12:40:54] ::abook::getFirewalled: connection_success (-3)
[12:40:54] My IP is
[12:40:54] [OIM]Unable to fetch message from =?utf-8?B?TWFyaWU=?= <>; MsgId is 6827B6BB-3744-4264-BBFF-1CBAE595AA8B
[12:40:54] Sending SOAP request to with action
[12:40:55] [OIM]Unable to fetch message from =?utf-8?B?bWFyZ2F0ZUBmcmVlLmZy?= <>; MsgId is D217A315-4CC8-333D-A7C2-94A4FC380647
[12:40:55] Sending SOAP request to with action
[12:40:56] [OIM]Unable to fetch message from =?utf-8?B?bWFyZ2F0ZUBmcmVlLmZy?= <>; MsgId is A53060CC-AAD2-4B5D-B32C-53A444E7FC6C
[12:40:59] Challenge received, answering
[12:40:59] Challenge accepted

Any clue?
2  aMSN Support / Linux / Trouble typing text on amsn on: April 09, 2009, 04:26:54 pm
Well, didn't change much.
As soon as there is a notification (ie: such as " is awake now"), it get stucked.
Is there some possibility to create a log of the events? (Maybe it could help).
3  Other Languages / Français / Frappe du texte qui se bloque sous amsn on: April 02, 2009, 03:14:43 pm

J'ai le problème suivant depuis quelques temps (mois...).
Lorsque j'ouvre une nouvelle fenêtre, il est parfois impossible d'écrire. Ou alors pas plus de 5 ou 6 caractères, puis ça se bloque. Même la touche "entrée" n'est pas reconnue. La seule solution que j'ai trouvé pour le moment consiste à changer de police d'écriture. Ca redevient possible de taper pendant un certain temps, puis ça se bloque à nouveau, il faut alors que je rechange de police, etc. Il me semble d'ailleurs que ça a tendance à se bloquer à chaque nouvel évenement (= connexion d'un nouvel utilisateur, déconnexion, etc.), mais je ne suis pas sûr. Autre truc bizarre, j'ai deux polices arial dans la liste.

(Au fait, j'ai aussi posé ce problème sur le forum anglais, mais on dirait qu'ils font la sieste... :lol: )

Ma config?
Fedora 10 x86_64 toutes mises à jour faites,
amsn version 0.97.2.
4  aMSN Support / Linux / Trouble typing text on amsn on: April 02, 2009, 03:03:44 pm
Up Up Up...
Anybody here?
Wake up, Little Suzy...
Nobody having the same trouble?
I try to uninstall/ reinstall amsn (ha, memories of good time when I was having the same sort of problem under windows) but it didn't change anything.
5  aMSN Support / Linux / Trouble typing text on amsn on: March 21, 2009, 10:56:02 pm
Quote from: "kakaroto"
Hi, welcome to the forums to both of you...
and here's the solution :
(yes, it was the thread just under yours.. so you should have at least checked before posting a duplicate question).
@zeos: the bug is supposed to be with fedora, you have ubuntu, try the same solution, if it doesn't fix it, tell us.

Dear kakaroto,
Actually I did check this answer  :lol: . However: 1-I didn't installed a new keyboard and 2-SCIM is (already) enable.

And btw, opposite to the problem of Duncan who is unable to type anything, in my case, I'm often able to write a few character before it get stucked. The only way I've found for the moment, which seems to temporary solve the problem (ie: until its starts again) is to change the fonts...(?!).Then I'm able to write a (variable) number of words until it get stucked again.

Any clue?
6  aMSN Support / Linux / Trouble typing text on amsn on: March 11, 2009, 09:57:58 pm
First thanks to the creators of amsn for their great software.

Here is the bug I've recently (today) encountered:
I'm using fedora 10 with amsn (amsn-0.97.2-2.fc10.src.rpm)
I noticed some problem.
For unknown reason and at some unpredictable moment, it suddenly become impossible to write. It may be after 7characters, or just after one, or even at the start. Even the "enter" key can be blocked.
Usually changing the fonts strangely is enough to make it work again... until it get blocked again.
Any clue to get rid of that trouble?
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