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1  Development / aMSN2 / Using EFL is a very, very bad idea on: June 13, 2008, 11:57:43 am
EFL is a very, very bad idea, and your justification for using it does not hold water. You say:
GTK did not fit the requirement of being able to have a background image on a text widget (unless doing a lot of hacking and reimplementing the text widget)...

Which is the reason that supposedly leads you to EFL. Then you say:
For those who do not know what it is, the EFL is the Enlightenement Foundation Libraries. It's a set of libraries that makes building UIs such a beauty! It only has one.. euhh.. two... humm.. a few problems :
3 - we cannot embed an image inside a text widget.. so no smileys support...

Hey! It seems that EFL has exactly the same problem as GTK! Fortunately you seem to have found a solution:
the last one (embeded images/smileys) is resolved with another solution : use webkit (html engine) for drawing the contact list and chat window text widgets....
I think, however, you will add these problems:
    * Hardly anybody knows, or remotely cares about, EFL.

    * An EFL application will look martian in any popular desktop. Just look at how nice Emesene looks in Gnome, compared with the clunky feeling of the (more powerful) aMSN.

    * There's very nice things in GTK and Qt like gstreamer, phonon, cairo, arthur, clutter etc. which you will probably miss.

    * The world is moving to smaller computing formats: MIDS, netbooks, cellphones. Your choice of EFL would force the porting and addition of a rather sizeable library to anybody interested on running aMSN2.

As for curing problem (3) by embedding Webkit, you might do exactly the same with GTK (and possibly more easily with KDE, who are the original writers of the Webkit).

Reimplementing in Python is a good idea, which brings you the opportunity to kick an aging, clunky language into the trashcan, and finally let aMSN blend in nicely with the desktop.  But that is not what you will achieve with your choice of toolkit. With EFL, I predict slow progress and an ugly, clunky app. I hope Emesene developers carry on with their work in producing an excellent MSN client and add the missing bits soon, because I believe that is the way to go. Why they should drop their goal and jump into this project that has nothing done yet, but is already painting itself into a corner, I just cannot fathom.
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