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1  Development / aMSN2 / Announcing aMSN2!!!! on: June 19, 2008, 09:43:34 pm
Quote from: "NoWhereMan"

I think you may be able to check this via some environment variable

Yea. os.environ['DESKTOP_SESSION'] could help Smiley
2  Development / aMSN2 / Announcing aMSN2!!!! on: June 18, 2008, 06:00:52 pm
Quote from: "kakaroto"
Contact  sirdarckcat, he says he's a php developer and is interested in helping out. I asked him to try to build a 'web' front end... talk to him, maybe you can share ideas and work together on this.

Something like this would be neat. It would probably use JavaScript and Python (or PHP, but Python would probably make more sense since the aMSN 2 core will be written in Python) and use AJAX (or similar technology) for talking to the backend.

PS: Someone I know is developing something called IQuiP. It basically gives you the possibility to recompile any Qt 4 GUI application (also Python/Qt 4!) into a web application and deploy it over the internet! Very interesting stuff. It's not usable yet, but it's a promising technology Smiley Currently it doesn't look very well, but it's about the technology behind it at the moment
3  Development / aMSN2 / Announcing aMSN2!!!! on: June 18, 2008, 01:18:57 pm
Quote from: "billiob"
About eye-candy, EFL is far better... your opinion Tongue it's more flashy and it has a really interesting way of theming, I'll give you that.

By the way, currently only a bit of QSS theming is possible with the Qt 4 front-end,
but it'll probably become more advanced than that. But not right away.
Here's a theme I was testing to mimic Windows Live Messenger a bit:

You can test the theme (or style, rather) in SVN if you want.

EFL will probably stay default, as that is what the main aMSN developers are developing,
and using Qt for default will probably just cause a GNOME/KDE (GTK+/Qt) flamewar anyway Wink

PS: Right now, Qt 4 is default on Windows, and Cocoa on Mac. EFL on Linux.
4  Development / aMSN2 / Announcing aMSN2!!!! on: June 15, 2008, 02:41:00 am
Quote from: "lucianolev"
Hi! I've been following both forums threads and I could not resist to give my opinion.

Hi lucianolev! I am a very new developer myself (working on the Qt4 frontend) so my answers might not be 100% accurate, but I'll give it a shot anyway.

Quote from: "lucianolev"
1. Regarding the name change, I think that coming up with a good name (btw, i like eMSN!) and new fresh website would be great. aMSN2, as stated here, will be not only a COMPLETE rewrite in another language, but also new people working on it. I know that aMSN has gain popularity and it's important as a brand but I think that if marketing stuff is managed correctly, aMSN will not decrease its user base but on the contrary, new adopters will come. As an example, look to Pidgin, it's name change was positive in every aspect (i think).
Also, just imagine a free software messenger client with latest protocol support and multi GUI support, it will be impossible to be ignored! It will be, by far, the most used messenger client at least in GNU/Linux and MacOSX, and it can even rival the official client in Windows! So kararoto, please reconsider this idea, no matter what's the name, if you manage to build a client with the characteristics said before, you got no competition.
Finally, take into account that those how didn't like aMSN for its look & feel, it will be difficult to transmit them that now aMSN does not look the same as before; just think of non-tech people, who don't know what's gtk, python or qt.

I personally don't really care about a name change. It has both positive and negative effects. What I care about is the actual code. The fact that aMSN 2 is a complete rewrite should not mean that the name has to be changed. Either way I am fine with it. The main aMSN developers have already stated their reasons for wanting to keep the aMSN name. If you think those reasons are invalid, be prepared for a lengthy discussion with them. But in the end, does it really matter so much? ...maybe we should make a poll...

Quote from: "lucianolev"
2. About the client goals and design in general, I think the most reasonable idea is to concentrate in only one protocol implementation and put all the efforts there. I understand that many people could prefer some toolkit from another but does it really make sense to work on multiple implementations? :shock: IMHO, it's just duplication of work. So please, current emesene and aMSN developers, and everyone who is thinking in creating an live messenger client, work together on improving pymsn! Cheesy
So, in my opinion the design should be:
Protocol Lib (like an improved pymsn) -> Core & GUI abstraction classes -> Frontends
Also, you should keep the idea of keeping it simple, Live Messenger-like interface and NOT multiprotocol. IMHO, emesene has accomplished this quite right.

As far as I am aware, those are _exactly_ the plans. KaKaRoTo has already stated that eventhough aMSN 2 is going to be very modular, the main developers will only work on making it the best MSN client ever, because their reasoning is that it's better to have a client that implements one protocol (the MSN protocol) perfectly, than it is to have a client that implements many protocols, but not one protocol works like it should, because there are too much protocols to work on.

We also have some teams internally. The core aMSN developers are working on improving pymsn and on the aMSN core, and we have different teams for the front-ends, so everyone can focus on their speciality. The current front-ends already get their data from the core and from a GUI abstraction class.

edit: oops, KaKaRoTo is faster than me in responding to your message :roll:
5  Development / aMSN2 / Announcing aMSN2!!!! on: June 14, 2008, 08:04:50 pm
I've done some work on the Qt 4 front-end today Cheesy

Check this screencast to view my work so far:

Or have some screenshots, but then you won't see my sweet fade effect :cry:
or the slide effect in the temporarily very ugly contact list :roll:

This is just a test style! If you think it's ugly, don't worry, because by default it will use your system theme
(on Windows, Mac OS X, KDE and GNOME [only from Qt 4.5 or with a backported QGtkStyle])
It will also become themable a bit by using Qt StyleSheets.

Comments are welcome. I prefer positive ones. Cheesy but negative ones are fine too.
6  Development / aMSN2 / Announcing aMSN2!!!! on: June 13, 2008, 12:21:14 pm
Don't worry. You are free to use which front-end you want.
A Gtk+ and Qt 4 front-end are in the making already.
It's not because the main aMSN developers loves some special toolkit that you will have to use it.
The Gtk+ and Qt 4 front-ends will probably always find maintainers so it will stay maintained as well.
7  Development / aMSN2 / Announcing aMSN2!!!! on: June 13, 2008, 09:55:37 am
Quote from: "lucianolev"
You know... this is just like a dream!  Cheesy

As a user of both projects I've always dreamed about both joining. And today I decided to check the forums and I found this: Not only emesene + aMsn but also a possible Qt frontend   Cheesy   Cool

I'm just learning Qt programming but I will help with the project as soon as I can  Smiley

Thanks and kudos to all developers for your huge effort. Let's make aMsn2 the best MSN Messenger client  of all Cool

Contact me [wesley_at_ubuntu_dot_com] if you want to try to help on the Qt 4 front-end.
I could use some help because I have a lot of work to do on other things as well.
8  Development / aMSN2 / Announcing aMSN2!!!! on: June 12, 2008, 05:34:59 pm
Hi everyone! I am a new aMSN developer.
I will do my best to create a Qt 4 front-end.

In the beginning I will keep the GUI simple,
but I'm planning to implement skinning, animations and
I'm planning to make use of the Graphics View framework of Qt.

If you want to help me with the Qt GUI, give me a yell!

PS: I won't be actively working on the GUI this month because I have to finish exams and my GSOC project first
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