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1  Development / aMSN2 / The "how to contribute to aMSN2" thread on: November 16, 2008, 01:18:03 pm
Hello everyone,

with aMSN2 gaining more popularity, hence more people looking forward to contribute, we have an increasing number of incoming patches and people contributing. Since we're using git now, we have already a great system to track contribution, so if you want to help or send a patch, we are using from now on github's pull request system. If you're already familiar with it , just go ahead and start developing, you don't need to know anything more than our main branch address, which stays the same:

If you're not, here comes a small tutorial for you.

 1 - Go to the address above. You'll see a button, "fork". Hit it. This will fork our repository and create your own copy of it on your account. Now you have already your own aMSN2 repository where you will be able to develop.

 2 - Write code, push changes to your forked repository, and so on... well, do your thing!

 3 - Once you're satisfied, and you think your code is ready to be merged with the main branch, you have a nice button, "Pull Request". Hit it, it will send me a message notifying that you want to push some code to our repo.

 4 - The patch will be reviewed and applied to trunk. Obviously, all commit history & authors will be kept intact.

See how easy it is? The last missing bit is to keep your forked repo up-to-date with the master branch. It is pretty easy, here comes the steps you need to do:

 1 - Add a new branch to your local repository. To do so, browse in a terminal to your local copy and hit those commands:

$ git remote add -f amsn git://
$ git checkout -b amsn/master

You need to do this only once.

 2 - Now, everytime you want to sync your local copy, just do this:


$ git pull amsn master

And the main branch will be merged with your local copy. Easy, isn't it? You also probably want to push after this.

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial, add questions/remarks/anything here below. I am looking forward to receive your pull requests!
2  Development / aMSN2 / aMSN2 Update! on: October 09, 2008, 07:36:23 pm
Hey everyone!

I wrote in my blog about the current state of amsn2. Check it out here:

Remember it is STILL UNUSABLE, UNSTABLE, and NOT SUITABLE for everyday use. If you want to help, please collaborate in our current git repo:

Let's keep on rocking!
3  Development / aMSN2 / Announcing aMSN2!!!! on: June 13, 2008, 10:46:26 am
Quote from: "profoX"

Contact me [wesley_at_ubuntu_dot_com] if you want to try to help on the Qt 4 front-end.
I could use some help because I have a lot of work to do on other things as well.

You got mail
4  The Community / Feedback and Suggestions / Shared Folders support on: December 29, 2007, 12:24:47 pm
Hey everyone,
first of all I want to say great work to everyone for 0.97 release, even though this is my first post I'm a long-time SVN user.
Now to the point: I saw that in the main page's poll there is a mention to shared folders support. So I'd like to know if this is a planned feature or not.
Thanks a lot, and keep up the great work.
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