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Title: Accounts can't be removed and some other bugs.
Post by: aluisionita on May 12, 2007, 07:29:54 pm
Ok guys.

First I wanna say that I love aMSN and i think it's better than MSN.
I'm using the SVN version and I'm loving this new features and updates.

So, I've found some bugs.

1 - Accounts can't be removed even in the preferences window.
    When you get to the "preferences > other" and click "delete user", it shows a window confirming the exclusion but the user keeps appearing in the users list in the login screen.

2 - Smileys can't be removed.
    When you right-click the smiley in the chat window and click delete button, it disappears. But when you close the aMSN program and open it again, the smileys are (surprisely) there again.

3 - aMSN halts on some file transfers
    When i'm sending some types of files, aMSN halts (the chat window halts too) until the file transfer is complete. Even halted, i can send and receive messages, but the chat window is only refreshed when I receive a message or when I send one. But i can't see while I'm typing it.

So, that's all folks. (for now  :D )

Thank you very much for all.[/list]