Why aMSN 0.98.3 and where is 0.98.2?

Some of you might have noticed that the 0.98.2 version of aMSN was never released.. and you might be wondering why!

The reason is simple, we planned to release aMSN 0.98.2 for so long now, we had multiple opportunities to do it and we even tagged in SVN and released a tarball with the sources of aMSN 0.98.2 twice already.. but in the end, we never made that release official! One reason is that we always end up finding huge bugs the day after we start releasing it.. second reason is that we can’t release without proper windows, mac and linux binaries, and for some reason, we never had  the time to create those packages, so we ended up with the source package released, no binary packages, and in the end, it’s too late.

When we finally got around to doing this new release today, we decided to skip the 0.98.2 version and go directly to 0.98.3 to avoid any confusion, because *maybe* someone downloaded the 0.98.2 source package at some point when it was available, maybe some distributions noticed the tag in SVN and started to ship that version.. So to avoid having two possible versions  of aMSN with the same version number, we released 0.98.3!

I hope this satisfied everyone’s curiosity… if anyone actually noticed…

Now go grab your aMSN 0.98.3 anow and enjoy! :)

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15 Responses to “Why aMSN 0.98.3 and where is 0.98.2?”

  1. Nicolas says:

    nesecito actualizar mi msn

  2. isabel says:

    como actualizo el mesenger

  3. daniel dawes says:

    mac book user 10.5.8

    well when i get an email useing the newest version i get the little thing at top saying ive got mail in the bar at the top

    after ive read my email the link doesnt go
    and if i click it again or if i get another email and click it again the program crashes

  4. swae says:

    Bug found?

    when I get new mail and I try to click on the icon it would seem to open a window in chrome, however nothing happens. I try and click again then it abruptly closes the program which cause an error in MacOSX

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  6. Bobo says:

    When i download and install amsn on my nokia n900 i don t have version 0.98.3.. its a first version.. what can i do for have 0.98.3.. i need your help please.. ( sorry for my english :) )..

  7. Ragheb says:

    when i install the new version i can’t see the icon that;s let me know if the user remove me from his contact or not , this is just in new version !!

    the icon was near nick name but now i can’t see it

  8. kakaroto says:

    Hi Daniel,
    Yes, someone else reported that bug, it’s annoying indeed, and I’ll have it fixed for the next version.. for now, either disable the status icon (preferences->appearance) or don’t click on the mail icon…

  9. kakaroto says:

    Yes, we’re still in the process of creating the 0.98.3 packages for Maemo.. when they’re available, The N900 should automatically tell you to upgrade through the integrated software updater.

  10. kakaroto says:

    Yes, it has been disabled by default for a few reasons that I’ll explain in a next post on the blog (mainly because it’s not accurate anymore).
    You can reenable it by going to preferences->advanced. search for “special”…

  11. JD says:

    Hi, the new package comes up for W32/Heuristic-KPP!Eldorado:


    It’s worth a note somewhere, likely a false positive from the installer.

  12. kakaroto says:

    Thanks, but yes, it’s probably a false positive. There are no viruses in the aMSN package.

  13. Devin says:

    may i know my nudge menu gone??before there was the nudge menu.
    is there any setting that i must check?

  14. kakaroto says:

    enable the Nudge plugin

  15. kakaroto says:

    I am locking comments on this thread too.
    If someone has a question, please use the forums. And Make sure you search the forums before asking your question because it’s probably already answered!